Home Away from Home

Returning to college after two and a half months of vacation comes with a mix of feelings. There is a disappointment because, after all that time of relaxing in the summer sun, even the thought of 8 AM classes, assignments and sessionals is off-putting. Yet, there’s also an undeniable excitement … Continue Reading

The Little Things

Disclaimer:- I fully realize that by writing this, I run the risk of sounding like every preachy Hollywood rom-com ever made. Quite frankly, like a unicorn barfed rainbows into my life. However, as someone who has had more than a fair share of life events not going their way, … Continue Reading


When sunlight becomes a luxury and Facebook is flooded with pictures of lightning bolts and sheets of dark clouds, every student at Manipal knows that the monsoon is setting in. Along with the relief from the summer heat, the monsoons bring with it a much darker aspect. It provides the … Continue Reading

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