Breaking Stereotypes

Is anyone there?

Where is everyone?

Am I wrong or am I write?

Was that a pun?


Can anyone hear me?

Why doesn’t anyone reply?

Am I too loud?

Should I start my  rhyme?


Am I too early?

Am I too late?

Does everyone know,

Is it the right date?


Is this verse okay?

Is that a voice, I hear?

What’s wrong with this world?

What’s there to fear?


What is time?

Why do we learn?

How does one rhyme?

Where is my fern?


Is it time already?

Have I finished my verse?

Has no one come to hear me?

Could it have been worse?

Breaking Stereotype

Questions, questions and more questions. The biggest question of all is life itself, yet the enormity of this question is so large that the question itself asks further questions.

It is not uncommon to notice that before any decision has to be made, a man will first think of the numerous outcomes that face him. One false move and suddenly he opens himself up to the dangerous eyes of his close observers. It is inevitable that at least some of a person’s attention focuses on the reactions of others.


Quite often, this can lead to tricky situations and sometimes digging oneself into a hole from which climbing out becomes increasingly complicated with every step. While it is important to ask oneself questions, overthinking lads to bigger issues. Realistically,almost nothing can ever end up completely satisfying everybody. There will always be haters and plenty of naysayers. Furthermore, every little decision is always vulnerable to some form of a bad consequence. Thus, it often raises eyebrows when a person dares to counter these questions and do something different. Few would contemplate doing it simply out of the fear of its consequence; breaking stereotypes.


Stereotype-breaking actions are actions that one party can take to prove to their opponents that they are better in character than the opponent assumes. For example, one party may visit the opponent personally, and be more reasonable, more friendly, more agreeable, or more helpful than the opponent expected. This results in a change of view of these two parties about each other.


Breaking Stereotype


Those that are brave enough to be different are the ones that help the minds of people to open up to the idea of something new and attempt to accommodate it themselves. Not every driver, delivery person, security or bus conductor is bound to be a man. There is nothing to suggest that at the time of birth a child is expected to behave in a certain way once their gender is known. Regardless of gender, anybody is capable of raising a family both at home and in the outer world. A given gender should not determine occupations, work, pay, strength, rights, freedom of speech, capabilities or anything of that sort. Both men and women are capable of playing sports, speaking and listening in equal measure, doing any form of work that exists and deserve their personal space.

Breaking Stereotype

Stereotype doesn’t only restrict itself to genders, it can exist even within so many other different categories. A person’s job does not automatically put him in a fixed category of rich or poor people. People wears clothes in order their bodies not to let others determine their character. One’s personal interests do not need to be the basis to determine if they are gay or not. The background of someone, their hometown, mother tongue, the people around them, their educational institutions, companies or anything along those lines should not result in people seeing them as being educated to a particular extent. Not all the human beings of a particular section of society have to be exactly the same as the others . Those that cause destruction of human life are responsible for generating the idea that people belonging to their section of society are of the same blood and are bred the same way. However, they do not control the minds of other people; the people themselves have to decide whether they think this way or another.


While the thought process of the person in question itself is of utmost significance, the minds of those around them should not be ignored. Rather than letting their eyes become lawyers and minds become judges to pass ‘the perfect verdict’, understanding a person’s behavior is the most important thing that needs to be done. People always behave in a certain way or do certain things for a particular reason. As long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, including themselves,physically or mentally to such an extent that the damage is irreparable, they should not be forced to change themselves just because those around them find it awkward. People ought to be free to make their own choices without feeling as though they’re being restricted.


We live in a world where a large portion of existences are simply pushed into a corner as soon as they come into existence and are expected to walk along that path without a second thought to it. Perhaps it is time to make strides towards reducing and perhaps someday eliminating such categorization.



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