Candy— Day Fourteen of NaPoWriMo 2021

Striding over a rainbow bridge,
Amid flowy loose cotton, with a tinge
Of cerise, the air smells sweet
As if I’m walking into life’s little treat.

Greeting me at the giant gates
Are my mini fruity gummy bears.
With every step I take through the aisle,
I simper a little more than I did before.

It’s huge, it’s luxury
Awe-struck, I fall onto creamy cutlery,
It’s a mess, I’m stuck in a puddle—
The world’s best butter caramel.

I sip on melted chocolate
With straws made of lolli.
Looking around, there’s no stop
Just more heaps of lollipop.

As I chew, I sip, I pinch myself
This bright, sweet and sour home
is real. There’s no stopping me
This is my hideout, my safe house.

The Candy Castle across the rainbow bridge
Above the raspberry blue river belt
is my hideout, my safe house;
It’s God’s gift to humankind—to me.


Written by Vaishnavi Karkare for MTTN
Featured artwork by Navya Anil for MTTN


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