Cure – Day Twenty Seven of NaPoWriMo


The cure for a headache,
Is to pop a paracetamol tablet, close your eyes and relax
The cure for a broken bone is immobilisation and wrapping it up in a plaster
What about the cure
For the sadness in me?
The dark thoughts festering
Brewing like a storm
I can feel it from my head to my toes
Chilling my bones.
The heavy voices drag me down
Leaving me physically and mentally unable to grow
It’s like my windows are blacked out
And the bright sun can’t come through.
But some days
When I laugh at jokes from ‘The Office’
When I hang out with my girl friends, gossiping about things that shouldn’t be said out loud
When I share a cup of tea with my best friend
When I sing my favourite song at the top of my voice while I take a shower
A sliver of sunlight shines through the blacked out window
The heavy voices don’t feel like an anchor anymore
The dark storm of thoughts has settled
So I guess
Sometimes the cure
Isn’t as obvious as it seems.

– Written by Sanjana Shastri

– Artwork by Anagha R

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