Letters to your Favorite Place- Library

Dear libraries of Manipal,

“And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.” 

Our student hub–Manipal, is blessed with multiple book towns. There is one of you in almost every college. You see daily parades of students, from group study sessions to completing an assignment half an hour before the deadline to having last-minute revisions for an exam. You may have also seen some of us coming to you hoping to’ romanticize’ our study sessions because, after all, our generation loves trends.


Every time a student enters, do you wonder what is their reason, their story? Are they here to make notes or enjoy moments of solitude and silence? Are they here to read a book or feel less lonely by trying to distract themselves? Or can you tell if a group coming in for a study session would be productive or end up procrastinating, as you’ve had several years observing students? You must feel sad when a book is returned to you with torn pages and overjoyed when several books are added to your wealth. Do you, library?


You are full of stories, both literally and figuratively. Literally, the collection of books you have – a different story, a different concept, a different treasure with seas of knowledge in each one of them. But figuratively, the story gets even more fascinating. The story is about a student who found it challenging to catch up with this new chapter of their life in the beginning but eventually found their way. You saw this student working hard; you know their story. The story is about friendships that started when two people were searching for the same reference book that their teacher suggested. You saw their bond grow stronger as they became study partners, coming to you almost daily. You are a collection of many such beautiful stories.


You must have noticed how this letter started with the words Charlie wrote in his last letter in the movie ‘ The perks of being a wallflower.’ The haven you create for us oozes the same emotion. Maybe, it’s dramatic to say that you make us feel like we’re standing at the back of an open van with the wind rushing through our hair. Still, you do, even if it’s just for that one moment when we finish reading a life-changing book or we complete that one hectic assignment and get the academic validation we need or have a productive group study session and finally feel confident enough for the final exam. When one sits in their favourite corner, immersing themselves in a paperback or an audiobook as they daydream of their next adventure, their next accomplishment with the hope that somehow, in a strange way, everything will fall into place. When we see a gate open into the infinite number of opportunities the world holds – all because of the intellectual impact your atmosphere imprints on us. 


Here is a thank you for being patient with us on the days we come to you procrastinating about our work or for being happy with us on days that we are productive, creating a presentation on time. 

Until the next assignment, the next read, the next semester.

Until next time.

(We genuinely appreciate the fantastic wi-fi connection in and around you).


Written by Avishi Khyati for MTTN

Edited by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

Featured Image by Aviral Malik for MTTN

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