People—Day Two of NaPoWriMo

You’re around them all the time

You spoke to one of them hours, maybe mere minutes before reading this

You speak to them daily; you cross paths with them often

But do you know them?

Do questions about reaching out, connecting, bonding with them

Not occupy your riddled brain?

Or is it not riddled at all, where you see things crystal clear,

Do you find the ability to attach a natural gain?

I ponder, I wrack my head each night,

Thinking, “How do you manage it?”

How does companionship come naturally to you?

Are you simply gifted with it?

Or not having it, I am one of the few?”

I admire you. I envy you. I wish I could be like you…

Be like… them.

Be like how people are; who network, who communicate,

And most of all, do it with ease

I try, I fail, I try and take it in my stride

For when it comes to people, I can never be at peace.

—Written by Rithik Talwar for MTTN

—Featured Image by Ashitha Melissa

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