Dream—Day Three of NaPoWriMo

I ran this race for a million eternities,
Matched each footstep with all of the world,
Took the roads not less traveled,
Spent my life preparing to live.
And when all that was asked was done,
I waited for the bliss to finally begin,
Until I realised all that I did was in vain.
So much hope and faith in reality,
But the most alive I feel when I close my eyes.
I see my myself floating, and never drowning.
I see myself flying, and never falling.
I see myself matching pace with the winds, and never tripping.
In a world with so much to offer,
I found solace in my dreams.
I saw a life which could have been,
A path I could have taken.
Above all, I realised I could be happy.
I realised my dreams were just my deepest desires,
Which the world did not believe in.
They taught me what nobody else did-
A spirit to trust myself.
Never too late to start I thought,
After all, dreams do not end until we open our eyes;
Life giving us another chance to be happy,
Another chance to be the change,
Another chance to never have regrets,
Another chance to live.

—Written by Tejas Mishra for MTTN

—Featured Image by Ashitha Melissa

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