10×31 / syllabled Venusian / e-invitation

From: Planet Venus

<[email protected]>

To: All the Earthlings 

<[email protected]>

Subject: You are invited!   


Greetings! Dear earthlings, 

‘Tis  time I penned you my dream

to be colonized. 

But it’s quite disheartening—  

your ceaseless cold shouldering. 


I’m just a planet 

hoping to expand your home. 

But first things first—let’s 

set the record straight: I’m not

a UFO. Period. 


So don’t reverse trains, 

or ground airplanes, when I’m the 

light at the end of 

your tunnel or the dazzling 

“jet” in your starry night sky. 


I aid to explore, 

spin tales of delight. Gladly

I would terraform 

if only you’d stay awhile. 

Don’t disdain me like these times: 


Captain Cook sailed south 

to see me transit. I waved

so he’d spot the “Land

Down Under”. Gleaming bid, a

lone, dark dot was left behind. 



Lincoln’s inauguration, 

I grabbed attention

by flashing lights. Yet, you shunned

my sparkling Morse code invite. 


I showed up again—

The Second War of Nations. 

You shot at me with

250 rounds as I screamed.  

‘Twas some strange salutation. 


I realized then 

that I should sneak upon you. 

Ergo this email, 

which you mustn’t ignore—for

floating cities await you. 


Hope to see you soon

behind these walls of sulphur.

Yours truly, Venus. 

(PFA, Illustration

of my grand invitation) 

Written by Deepthi Priyanka C for MTTN

Featured Image by Shraddha S Jathan for MTTN 

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