Sunny Side Up: Day Twenty Two of NaPoWriMo 2023


At the nadir of the darkest times,

When all you see is gloom,
Entangled with your inner fights,
And days when you try too hard to bloom.

All you crave for is a sense of belonging and some warmth,
Someone to wake you up from this nightmare,
Someone who can help in removing the thorns of despair,
Sow the seeds of hope and tell you that they care.

At that moment,
Close your eyes and visualise,
Tell yourself that this is the script of your life, that no one else but you must write,
And the only reason that you felt cold,
Was because your mind drifted away from your soul.

It isn’t fair to compare your superficial self,
When everyone has a distinct journey,
Filled with their own beliefs, flaws and strengths.

And whenever that nasty voice in your head comes to daunt you with all its might,
Raising a stabbing, shooting ache in your chest,
Remind yourself how your grandma used to whisper in your ear when you were five,
“Keep your sunny side up sweetie, you are more than enough,
just give in your best”.

Then there’s no turning back,
Now that you know that all you need is you,
You become unstoppable when you realise you can do it all alone,
The hiraeth evaporates and you are back home.


Written by Udita Khanna for MTTN 

Featured Artwork by Jasneet Kalra for MTTN 

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