Stand Out From The Crowd

There’s this huge throng
With which you’re walking along,
But you wish to be different from them all.
You wish to stand tall
You want the world, you want it all.

To have the crown for outwitting them all,
You must give your best,
You must give it your all.… Continue Reading

Sugar – Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo

I couldn’t help but ponder, but dear ex-lover, do you have some time to spare?

A piece of my father’s philosophy, I’d like to share.
He said, “Life is a balance of everything, just like the sugar and milk in your coffee,
Too much of either can ruin it completely.”
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Ode To Invictus

When dawn donned the day’s sky
A crowd arose brimming with cheer and joy.
A torch was lit with their talent as the wick,
Inviting Invictus to town for a week.

Here: minds interact in the halls of knowledge,
Play it hard for the arena to acknowledge.
Reviving and revving … Continue Reading

Speckled—Day Eight Of NaPoWriMo


“Speckled shades of scarlet and sapphire,

did they blend to form flames of a fire?


Splatters of chrome and crimson,

how did they stem from my imaginary prism?”


That night, all sense had ceased to exist,

and two lovers were out for a tryst;

chaos and pleasure, Continue Reading

You Too


Your reticence hurts my ears,

but not as much as it was hurting my heart.

With the silence, I know you heard it.

The many shards of my heart,

sharp as glass, unappealing.

As each day passed by,

my hands reached for the pieces.

They pierced my skin,

as … Continue Reading


do you remember the havoc

of our hushed conversations

held on the rooftops

of the sand castles we built,

with these hands we use

to hurt one another?

do you remember the sky

turning lilac as

the summer sun set

on the very worst of you,

the very worst of … Continue Reading

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