Vermillion – Day Twenty Three of NaPoWriMo 2021

Vermilion sky, you and I

Amongst the blazing fire and roasted foal.

And air shrouded in deception and lie,

We ate its freedom, you ate my soul.


Vermilion heart, it was love till it was not,

On nights when the mask would inadvertently drop,

And the world revolving around you would stop,

I’d feel the fear in your words, see your fragile feigned prop.


Vermilion lies, I whispered to myself,

Of playing savior to the devil who condemned deliverance.

Giving away my love and sanity as well,

Till my wrists bled with frivolous belligerence.


Vermilion, vermilion, vermilion, no more marks my forehead,

For it has seared my soul, awakening me from my deathbed.


Written by Ksheerja Pandey for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Shivani for MTTN

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