What I Wish I Already Knew, Mom- Day Five of NaPoWriMo 2022

I wish I already knew, Mom

When we sat together

In the shade

of our jasmine scented porch

And as Salma Agha sang

About young winds

We were creating a memory

A memory tinged by

Shelling obstinate peas

And sharing trivial gossip

A memory in which

Morning tiffs and tantrums

are conveniently forgotten

And folk music

is smoothly infused

I wish I already knew, Mom

I was living in a memory

So vivid, so tangible

In the solitude of my tiny room

Where the melody

of your out of tune songs

Is unheard.

In the crowd of known unknowns

Where the incessant ringing

Of your many phone calls

Is thoroughly missed.

In this life full of illusions

Where nothing feels right

Or wrong

and everything is murkier

by every passing second.

I wish I already knew, Mom

The tragedy of becoming you

might be my greatest fortune

so I could go back in time

and create one colorful memory

after another

out of insipid days

and wasted time


Written by Sneha Jangid  for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Arshia Sangwan for MTTN

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