Words For My Knife

Let me take you through the lanes of a hype,
Mindless opinions and heartless words to type;
On topics heart wrenching and worse,
Intolerance to add some spice to the burns,
Burning a hole in several souls as they build a home of their own.

It begins with some striking news,
Screaming anchors with new opinions at hand;
Some of us hold on to them and glorify the act,
Add more of hate and less of facts,
And serve it to others to judge—
A spoonful of opinion from a thoughtless soul.

Often these words get to a peaceful mind,
They sit with it questioning their life,
If their thoughts are right or—
If acceptance depends on everyone’s opinion,
Or if silence is an acceptable reason?

Words go on war, while respect sits aside,
Intolerance comes to light, like the wildfire it burns;
Burns everything in sight, burns even the ashes,
So powerful are the words we type,
They never let any thought stay alive.

Now fear the opinions for they are the sword,
Of an invisible army watching from these comfortable screens;
Screaming to your scars, bleed our thoughts;
News isn’t anymore the subject of facts to read,
Being right is called being superior, and so they lead.

Let me take you through the lanes of a hype,
Similar to the opinions and the superior vibes,
After the bittersweet taste of dalgona coffee;
Another tale that I tell you through these rhymes,
But this too would seem to suffice for a word for my knife.


— Written by Snehal Srivastava for MTTN

— Featured image by Vidhisha Deo for MTTN

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