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The first of November, a holiday Manipal seldom understands. Is it for getting out of the Halloween hangover? Why is it a dry day man? Such a buzzkill! It’s Kannad Rajyotsav – the day Karnatak got independence?

Well, let’s try to declutter some of these confusions today. Three score and three years ago, the Government of India passed the states reorganization act and carved out 13 states based on linguistic predominance. Well then, shouldn’t all those states be celebrating on this day? Yes and no.

For Legislation junkies:-
Most states eventually broke up resulting in our current 28 states and 9 union territories. Nope, don’t check on Google, they haven’t gotten through the J&K debacle yet! So currently only 6 states celebrate November first as the state day, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Chhattisgarh. Andhra and Telangana still celebrate their unification day in spite of the division. Although it is an ardent effort to maintain the Telugu regional identity, is a bit awkward, like celebrating your anniversary after the divorce. All other states have their formation days accordingly. Pssst. Telangana’s is on June 2nd. Well keeping the politically condescending tone aside, here’s why today’s a big deal for Karnataka.

For History hippies:-
Maurya, Shatavahana, Gupta, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, and Vijayanagara; these are the only dynasties in history under which the Kannada speaking people were united under one banner. Since language was never a determinant of political power in the subcontinent, this feature was never seen as a problem. King Amoghavarsha of the Rashtrakuta empire defined Kannadigas as those people residing in between the banks of Godavari and Kaveri. “Karnata Samrajya” was the name of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire. The Emperor was called Karnata Chakravarti and the army Karnata Sena.

With the battles of Rakkasatangadi, Maratha expeditions, Mughal expeditions, and Anglo-Mysore wars, the Kannada speaking population was distributed time and again and finally into 5 states under the British. Mysore, Hyderabad, Bombay presidency, Madras presidency, and Coorg. After an extensive battle of 7 years with the GOI, the “Ekikarana Chaluvali” (Unification Movement) finally won the battle and the state we see today was created. It was named Karnataka in the year 1973.

For shellfish Manipalites:-
With this brief history, let’s move on to our Manipal and it’s linguistic entrepreneurs. Situated in the heart of Tulu Nadu, an institution founded by Konkanis with student representation from more than 50 countries, Manipal surely is a cosmopolitan hotspot. But students pursuing health sciences, require to interact with the public which is when Kannada becomes the lingua franca. Here we try to chart the learning curve of an average Manipalites in the Health Sciences campus:

Step one: “Kannada swalpa swalpa barutte” for emergency purposes. Also since “Kannada baralla” is considered borderline offensive, this is the first line of defense (pun intended) followed by “English Barutta?”

Step two: “Akka, Anna, and Boss”. It just happens. In Bengaluru you address everyone as sir or just say excuse me. But Manipal changes you. Everyone is Akka and Anna! Except for that one juice stall owner in TC who takes offense (beware).

Step three: “Unta-aaytu-illa” the Holy Trinity of all conversations. Enter shop-> pronounce the name of commodity in English-> add “unta”. The response will be the requested commodity or “illa”. Collect commodity and say thanks. If “illa” start afresh in another store.
Go to the auto stand and pronounce destination-> Auto Anna asks for half of your ancestral property-> curse your fate in comfortable language unintelligibly-> Say “aaytu” and hop onto your ride.

Step four: “Novu-unta” “aaa-maadi” “beku-beda” the only couples you can stand in Manipal. First day of postings-> paranoia over 9000-> enter clinician with devilish eyes-> gives with the vaguest findings-> with no steth or status, irrespective of chief complaints -> ask “Novu-unta?”
I’m told “aaa-maadi” is the sigil of MCODS. (#TRIGGERED)
Holiday beku, class beda; party beku, class beda; movie beku, class beda; fest beku, class beda. Basically class beda!

Step five: “Chill Maadi” The graduation word for the Manipal-Kannada starter pack. It’s not the words, it’s the feeling that matters.
Ever-increasing debts at the canteen/ Akka/Anna/ boss shop-> “Chill Maadi”
The crazy friend who had a _______ driving like ghost rider- “Chill Maadi” (fill in the blank with appropriate vice)
95% attendance girl getting scared of exams-> 65% attendance boy- “Chill Maadi”
Night King about to kill Bran? Arya- “Chill Maadi” bro!

With this, I’ve tried to give my perspective of Manipal students and their efforts towards learning Kannada and being part of a vibrant linguistic journey. If some parts seem condescending, please pardon me. #ChillMaadi

Karnataka Rajyotsavada Shubhashayagalu!

Oh if any Kannadiga is reading this, here’s a kagga: (others can memorise it to flex sometime, or if you want to impress a Kannadiga/Kannadati)

Naguvu sahajada dharma
Nagisuvudu paradharma
Naguvakelutanaguvudatishayada dharma
Naguva nagisuva, nagisinagutabaluva varava
Mige neenu bedikolo mankutimma

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