Keli 2019

The 28th of September was marked by great enthusiasm in Manipal as one of the biggest cultural events of the year, KELI took place at Syndicate Bank Golden Jubilee Hall.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of Keli and it was brought about with grandeur and show-stopping performances by the students of KMC as well as various other cultural clubs from all around Manipal. With the event starting at 5:30 PM and finishing by 11:00 PM, the crowd was forever buzzing with excitement on seeing the performers showcase their talents.

The event commenced with the Introductory Dance giving the onlookers a taste of Kerala through the various native art forms like Mohiniyattam and Kalaripayattu. The performers displayed their pride in the rich cultural heritage of their homeland. The performances that followed were a testament to the fact that the student town of Manipal is a hub of creativity and talent. Dance crews like Blitzkrieg, Phoenix and Showstoppers wowed everyone with their exhilarating moves, always keeping the audience on the tip of their toes.

But dance wasn’t the only art form that was present as the stage was filled with talented bands and singers from WGSHA, MIT, etc, with the hall erupting with applause each time they played familiar crowd-favorite tracks. Amongst these, a performance of note was the innovative fusion of beatboxing and tabla performed by first-year students of KMC, Akarsh Khanna and Aditya.

Fierce ramp walks by esteemed modeling clubs, i.e. KMC Fashion Committee and GlamxGlitz saw loud cheers and roars as a result of their spectacular productions displaying elegance and boldness.

Other noteworthy events from the day were the competitive dance-off which was won by Ms.Rhea Johnson, performances by Chords&Co and the Raffle Draw which was won by Ms.Deekshitha.

The final event of the day was the much-awaited Freshers Dance which saw the audience go ecstatic and erupt into dance.

Keli 2019 ended on a high note being the product of a lot hard-work and toil across a whole month and a half by the Kerala Community in KMC Manipal, exceeding expectations and keeping everyone in anticipation for the next one.

-Written by Robin Cherian


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