International Quiz for Medical Undergraduates 2023

 The International Quiz for Medical Undergraduates, KMC Manipal’s flagship Medical Quiz, saw its 7th edition held on the 17th, 18th and 19th of April, 2023. After a resounding comeback from 2 years of lockdowns with its 6th edition, a new trove of 45 teams from all across India returned for an event looking to improve on its predecessors.


Inauguration Ceremony

An integral part of any event at KMC, the inauguration ceremony was held to cast an auspicious tiding on this year’s proceedings. The ceremony took place at the TMA Pai Halls 3, with Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, Dean of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and Dr. Sharath K Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor of MAHE Health Sciences, as chief guests. Harsha Sadineni and Manaswini Mittal, the Organizing Chairpersons for this year’s IQMU and Aaryan Singh, the Joint Secretary for this year, were also in attending.

The traditional lighting of the lamp and the invocation prayers would set the stage for the event as the participants braced themselves for the following rounds.

Prelims 1

The first round kicked off in the Interact Lecture halls at 9:30 AM. A total of 45 teams, each consisting of 2 members, assembled for the Prelims round, which consisted of MCQ questions from the MBBS curriculum and beyond. Teams could be seen working through the questions with their teammates while ensuring they kept up with the ticking clock. After the stipulated time, the response sheets were collected for evaluation and scoring as the teams prepped for the next round.

Prelims 2

Following a lunch break, the day’s second round kicked off in the Anatomy department at 1:30 PM. The second preliminary round was modelled after the clinical spotters held in most Indian medical colleges. The teams were split, with one participant facing 30 spotters from various medical subjects to be identified and the other participant solving case-based questions, all within 30 minutes. As an added twist, if both participants could solve a question correctly, it would result in additional bonus points for the team involved. Testing the participants’ individual and combined knowledge, the round served as a means of indirect teamwork.

With the end of Prelims 2, the academic portion of the day’s work came to an end, with both participants and organisers looking to unwind after a strenuous day.

Gala night

The sitcom-themed gala night kicked off at TMA Pai Halls 2 at 8:30 PM. It was the perfect antidote to the mental challenges faced during the day, with games of chance and refreshments adorning the festivities. The night stuck close to the theme, with various games like ‘The One With The Trivia‘, ‘IQMU Heist‘ and ‘In Tune With The Tunes‘ being organised. A photo-booth themed after the Friends’ sofa graced the proceedings while Lumen, KMC’s photography club, covered the event.

Afterwards, guests proceeded for a sumptuous feast, ending the night on a high note. The break allowed all involved to prepare for the two gruelling days of quizzing ahead of them.

Quarter Finals

The second day began with the quarter-finals, held at 9:30 AM at the Interact Lecture Halls. 32 teams, as decided based on the Prelims scores, progressed to this round. The quiz master for the round was Dr. Praveen Kumar Tirlangi from KMC Manipal’s Infectious Diseases Department.

The round would have 5 sets of questions for the participants to answer together, with 30 seconds provided for each question. The sets would have different numbers of questions, all with a twist. The answer to the previous question would be connected to the answer to the current one, and so on. If a team could solve all the questions correctly and identify their connection, they would be allotted bonus points.

This intriguing twist carried the thread of the round throughout its duration, with even simple questions arousing the participants’ curiosity about the overall theme.

Following this, a total of 12 teams qualified to progress to the semi-finals.


The semi-finals commenced after a short break at 2:00 PM at the Interact Lecture Halls. Unlike the previous rounds, this one was split into two parts – Mental Relay and Step-to-Step.

Mental Relay was based on the traditional NHS practice of being referred to a specialist doctor only after consulting a general practitioner. The teams were split according to task, with one participant ordering examinations to aid their partner, who could order investigations and reach a final diagnosis.

The second leg of the semi-finals, called Step-to-Step, proceeded soon after. A name infused with the essence of the American medical licensing exam of the same name, participants were required to interact with volunteers acting as patients. After listening to a verbal history, the participants were allowed access to multiple investigations on a laptop to make a diagnosis.

The scores from the semi-finals were then tallied, and the 6 finalists were declared, which marked the end of quizzing on day two.


The finals of IQMU 2023 would arrive at long last, with six teams and five rounds of innovative quizzing to come. The quiz master for the round was Dr. Jayaram S from JIPMER Pondicherry. The round started at 8:30 AM at TMA Pai Halls 3, with a live stream available for viewers who could not be physically present at the event.

The teams would progress through rounds such as Medical Trivia, MedicoGenesis, Rapid Fire and the Buzzer round before leading up to the special round of the day. Carrying on the tradition from last year, this year’s edition saw its own creative round, that required teams to pick up balls of luck in a lucky draw that would give teams a chance to bounce back, as per the name of the round.

The chosen balls would allot questions to the team, and the alluring possibility of a golden ball would keep teams on the edge of their seat for a comeback.

Valedictory Ceremony

This three-day intellectual marathon ended with the final showdown, with three teams emerging from the pack to win it all. They were felicitated in an official valedictory ceremony.

The first place was bagged by Subash K and Krishan Karthick from Madras Medical College. The second place would go to Vishwanathan V and Roshni S from Madras Medical College, while Anirudh Jeedigunta and Srived Meda from KMC, Manipal would take the third place.

Participants remarked on the committee’s efforts to organise the quiz and appreciated the Scientific Team’s hard work in giving all participants and audiences alike, a vastly enriching quizzing experience.

Written by Arjun Khade for MTTN 

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Featured Images by Ria Gulati, Pavan Krishnan, Hardik Verma, Arham Parvez, Prithwiraj Samir Gulati for MTTN 


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