Mind Over Matter

In a fastpaced world such as ours, there is no time for oneself to take a break. We are perpetually hounded by interviews, exams, and deadlines, with mental wellbeing taking a backseat. Now more than ever, we need to learn to give our minds and bodies the rest they are entitled to.

Intending to give students a well-deserved break, FITVIB, The Fitness club of KMC, organized Mind Over Matter” on the 12th of October. The event was held to mark World Mental Health Day, celebrated on the 10th of October every year. It was conducted with the Manipal chapter of the Art of Living. Ms.Swathi was the resource person for the event.

All participants were seated on yoga mats, excited about what was in store for them. After a round of introductions, Ms. Swathi began the workshop. She started with meditation and a few basic breathing exercises. She urged everyone to focus solely on their breathing and keep their minds clear of all other thoughts. With each breath expelled, she asked the participants to let go of their worries.

After the calming breathing exercises, Ms
.Swathi moved on to stretching exercises. The participants copied her movements diligently while paying attention to her instructions. Smiling with each activity was mandated, as it helps relieve tension from both body and mind. Concurrently, she advised everyone to focus on the little sounds they could catch from their surroundings. She also drew attention to the muscles involved in each action, encouraging participants to do the same as they slowly became aware of their bodys capabilities. She emphasized the importance of honoring ones body and directed everyone to think positively of their body.

The session ended with a small prayer by Ms.Swathi. Her parting lessons illuminated the many ways we can take better care of ourselves, one small step at a time. She emphasized the role a healthy diet, breathing exercises and regular physical activity play in elevating our quality of life.

The entire room looked rejuvenated compared to before. All attendees were visibly relaxed and very grateful to the organizers for hosting such an event. The take-home message was simple— Treat your body like a temple and grant your mind a routine escape from the whirlwind of life.


Written by Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Edited by Aarthika Srinivasan for MTTN 

Images by Aromal Sunil for MTTN 

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