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TechTatva is one of the major fests held here at MIT and what makes it exquisite is the environment around campus.

In this article we list all the stalls that were set up for the event:


The real fun in TechTatva is in the various gaming stalls, always situated in the valley between NLH and AB4, but more exciting each year! Kudos to the TechTatva Informals for this one!

This year we had a fun and interactive array of gaming and recreational stalls, which are listed below:

King of the Hammer:

The most popular of these stalls is the King of The Hammer Stall! Test your mettle against friends in the battle of physical strength. The gist of the game is, whoever strikes the hammer with the most force, thereby shooting up the disc on the meter, wins. Each year, hundreds of students participate, to try their hand at this game.

Photo Booth:

It’s wacky; it’s fun, it’s CREATIVE! It is the photo booth!

Clicking pictures here, with all your friends, is truly an experience to remember! With templates ranging from funny to downright scandalous, we’ve got you covered.

Miscellaneous Gaming Stalls:

There are a variety of gaming stalls at TechTatva, almost mirroring an arcade of sorts. Mind you, these may be repetitive, but they may encompass a fun bonding experience for you and your friends.

The good thing about these gaming and recreational stalls is they’re straightforward on your pockets. A game at any of these arcades may cost around 50 bucks a pop. They are also a part of the quintessential Manipal experience, even if they may be painfully generic.


The variety of food stalls set up for TechTatva ranged from our beloved Pani puri to an array of mouth-watering desserts and snack items. Students were enjoying themselves and giving their taste buds the ride of their lives while simultaneously participating in the spirited fest around them. The food was moderately priced and seemed to attract every student who came to visit the fest but stayed for the food.

The chaat stalls sold various delicious Indian street food items including: “Pav bhaji, Aloo Tikki, Bhelpuri and Sevpuri”. To quench and satisfy sweet tooths there were “Ice Golas, Cupcakes, Brownies, Cookies and Waffles” to name a few of the mouthwatering desserts. For the healthier options, there were “Dosas, Momos, and the appetising Bhutta“. A fan favourite of the food stalls and the star of these delicacies was definitely the beloved “Aloo twister” which was seen to have been in demand by almost every mouth that visited these stalls.

A mouth-watering burst of flavour for foodies and non-foodies alike, these stalls definitely stood out amongst the rest and were fancied by all!


Written by Khushi Nigam and Agnes Chiramal for MTTN

Edited by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

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