A Look Back : 3 & Half Outsiders

If you said that the stand-up comedy scenario in Manipal was beginning to run a bit stale, we’d be forced to agree with you. 3 & Half Outsiders by Comedy Club Manipal, held on 25th January is a testament to the fact that stand-up wasn’t made for everyone.

It started out pleasantly enough, as Harman Preet Singh narrated his belief that Jesus Christ communicated to him via car stickers. He also described his unconventional relationship with a woman who felt like she was a man stuck in a woman’s body. Charming and candid, Harman was the only saving grace to an otherwise dull show.

The night began to fall flat as Gaurav Purohit went back to the tried, tested, and oft repeated engineering jokes. However, as the show progressed, Gaurav – emboldened by the three guys laughing hysterically at every word he uttered – got more comfortable under the spotlight. He regaled the crowd with his theories of how the elderly are only argumentative because no one calls them ugly anymore and human civilization leaves pigeons with no room to mate.

The highlight of the night would have to be when Harman Preet Singh introduced Vijeth VS as the guy one ‘superlikes’ on Tinder. The envy of all men. In the spirit of journalistic candor, we’d like to tell you that we got our hopes up. And as members of the female sex, we sat up a little straighter for the next act. However, in walked a rather scrawny guy.  He then took the microphone to reveal a decidedly feminine voice. As the crowd erupted in loud laughter, he said, “So you get the joke?”.

The rest of the night wore on unremarkably as Vijeth either pretended to, or actually did forget his jokes. Save for a few instances like when Vijeth spoke of the time he tried buying condoms for his male friend and his attempts at Hindi humor, the ending could best be described as anticlimactic.

All in all, 3 & Half Outsiders, organized at Hakuna Matata, Manipal could seriously use some improvement before witnessing a sequel.

– Natasha Kumar for MTTN

Graphic Design by Naman Jain

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