An apartment: Is it to be or not to be

It’s been nearly 4 months since I moved out of my hostel and into an apartment. A lot of students go through this logistic conundrum and discuss endlessly the pros and cons of moving into an apartment. How has it turned out for me? Pretty good, actually. I did have help from my parents and flatmates as I arrived at my decision. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before making your choice. Let’s begin!

1 – Expenses: 

A factor as essential as it gets. Living in Manipal is definitely not cheap. As a matter of fact, it isn’t for any student residing far from home. There’s a fine line between being Uncle Scrooge and Dan Bilzerian, a tightrope to tread on. A hostel has certain amenities right at your disposal – prepaid Wi-Fi, cleaning and electricity. In contrast to the aforementioned, one has to pay for these services on a monthly basis in an apartment, including the rent. This is a significant hike especially if you plan to move out of non-AC hostels.

2 – Facilities:

You get what you pay for, if you look in the right place. A large space, good rooms, ACs, fridge, your own zone to contemplate, study and have fun at the same time. If you plan to move out, start looking for an apartment a couple of months before the start of a new session. Rent will be more reasonable, depending on the area.

3 – Perks:

Freedom and autonomy are what lures a large chunk of the student population to move out. You definitely have these. Sayonara to the sloth-paced internet, cramped beds, small wardrobe and woes of a shared toilet. Apartments facing towards End Point offer a poetic view (featured image)! In addition, a lot of things become convenient – ordering food late at night, going out whenever you desire, a more homely feel!


4 – Disadvantages:

Commute to college can be troublesome if you don’t have a vehicle. Be prepared to replace tube lights and bulbs that give out, the usual expenses and keeping the walls spotless and everything in order. This is in order to get back the security deposit whole. Subscribing to a mess membership will ensure that you don’t miss out on your lunch/dinner routine. You may not run into your friends that often, so try dropping in at the library, or the food court, or any place where you hang out. Finding a good maid might prove to be an otherworldly task. So have patience and don’t give up.

5 – Opinion:

Moving out isn’t an easy decision but once you’ve taken the plunge in this direction, you won’t regret it. Living costs are either cheaper or equal to most AC hostels the university has to offer. Proximity to the campus is something to consider since most of us abhor morning lectures. A good sense of fund management will prevent you from being broke each month.

Well, I think that covers it. Apartment dweller or hostelite, always remember, home is where your rump rests!


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