Blindfolded Conversations: A Look Inside

The bell rang, as people hurried out of their classrooms on Tuesday evening. Students flocked to the AB5 foyer. Those who had never experienced Blindfolded Conversations wondered what was in store for them. As the curious crowd steadily grew, the Psych Club crew along with the MILAP organisers, prepared to get the event started. With a pile of blindfolds at the ready in one corner and schoolbags in the other, the event was set in motion.

After a brief introduction to the event and the concept, the crowd was separated into smaller groups and the pairing began. Club members assisted participants with tying their blindfolds securely, to ensure no cheating took place. They were then led to a spot on the floor, to wait for whoever they were to be paired with. After both participants were seated, they were briefly told the rules again.

First, they weren’t to reveal any personal information like their name, age, branch, etc. They could talk about anything they wanted to, without any time limit. If either of them needed something or were done talking, they were to raise their hands and wait for a club member to come. After that, if both people agreed to take their blindfolds off and see each other for the first time, they could proceed to do so. If not, they could remove the blindfold only after being led away.

As the evening went on, the floor was littered with people deep in conversation. Psych Club members ran about assisting wherever required, occasionally pausing for feedback from participants after a conversation. Some stayed with the same pairing for hours, some only a few minutes. The conversations were private, but snippets here and there could be heard, of varying topics. The excitement and enthusiasm was palpable, as people grew ever more comfortable with the dynamics of the event. All the while, a duo from Chords&Co played live soft instrumentals to set the perfect tone for the evening.

As the evening faded into night, the crowd started wearing down till there were only a few participants left engrossed in their conversation. Once the last few had finally left, the Psych Club crew stayed back to discuss the evening’s proceedings and its impact. After that, the last few stragglers disbanded, and the riveting night came to an end.

The event aims to highlight just how much people allow looks and first impressions to interfere in their perception of someone else. In a world full of appearances and pretences, it’s important to learn to give everyone a fair chance, irrespective of the way they look, or dress. We need to know what it means to look at more than what meets the eye, for we never know what we might find. Just maybe, a life-long companion is hiding behind an exterior. Sometimes, we just need to look deeper to see clearer.

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