BrandScan 2017

In this age of increasing consumerism and competition, any insight into the minds of the masses is immensely invaluable. And we all know that the masses are ever-hungry for some entertainment and fun. Put these two facts together, and you will arrive at the rationale behind BrandScan 2017.

BrandScan, an annual market research fair conducted by TAPMI, Manipal, seeks to glean insights from the urban populace of Bangalore and the semi-urban populace of Manipal, by using cleverly crafted and disguised games that provide market researchers unbiased raw data to work with. BrandScan also promises that no one who comes to the event will leave unentertained.

The Manipal edition kickstarted on 11th November with a roadshow, to invite the public to KMC Greens the next day. After the flagging off ceremony by Prof. Simon George at TAPMI, a merry parade of 6 cars, 40 bikes, 2 trucks and a horde of students – all carrying posters and banners – made their way through Manipal, stopping at prominent locations to distribute pamphlets. Flash mobs performed in a few places en route, to give people a taste of what was to come the next day. The roadshow ended in an energy-packed finale near INOX.

As expected, the event at KMC Greens on 12th November received considerable footfall. Several competitions were held; Kids Got Talent (a kids’ talent show presented by Poddar International School), Bech Daal (a mad ad competition presented by iNeeds), Brag On (a dance competition presented by Brag) and Apocalypse (a battle of bands sponsored by Vivo).

The most awaited programme of the day, a show by the popular engineer-turned-comedian Rahul Subramanian, finally began at six. Shubhang Yadav, an MIT student who has performed several times for UnTied Laces performed the opening act. The audience warmed up to Shubhang as he bemoaned the Manipal rains that he proclaimed were “highly overrated” and hurled joke after joke about how the Dogs of Manipal seem to have quite an attitude. Rahul Subramanian had the audience in stitches as he made light of his misguided career choices, the struggles of his MBA days and shared a few hilarious anecdotes from his time in the corporate world. His slow, easygoing delivery style had a way of immediately commanding people’s attention.

Apart from the stage programmes, there were seven stalls set up in the periphery of Greens. Visitors were directed to these on the basis of a few details like age and socioeconomic background, and made to answer a few survey questions disguised as games to remove any bias. Volunteers would simultaneously jot down necessary information for their research. Free vouchers and gifts were handed out to the ‘lucky’ few, as decided by a shot at the spinning wheel. Food stalls offering pizza, sweet corn and ice gola served to refresh the famished visitor. Another attraction was a stall set up by Maybelline, which offered free make up (presumably, this stall was packed.)

To conclude, BrandScan succeeded in doing what it set out to do. We thank TAPMI for their efforts, and look forward to seeing the event again next year.

– Written by Niharika Dixith

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