Verve: Day Three

Sunday morning saw a lot of late risers scramble out of bed early to catch the Street Play. They were well rewarded, for all three competing semesters put up a show that was talked about for the rest of the day. The second semesters kicked off the event with a … Continue Reading

Verve: Day Two

Day 2 of Verve 2018 began in excellent style with the inter-batch Debate. With the topic of ‘Technology having a negative impact on the upbringing of children today’ given 24 hours in advance, the participants had enough time to rock the show. There were 6 teams with each team comprising … Continue Reading

Verve: Day One

The first day of Verve 2018 kicked off with enthusiasm coloured with the spirit of Holi, and a theme of ardent 90’s nostalgia to mark the last batch composed of those who saw that decade, no matter how fleetingly.

Fittingly, the first event at hand was the 90’s quiz, hosted … Continue Reading

Wok This Way

At the felicitous overlap of Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year, the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration organised a Pan-Asian food fest entitled ‘Wok This Way’. While the Oriental menu and music reflected the events Pan-Asiatic roots, the sweet perfume and exquisite décor clearly symbolised that love was … Continue Reading

Manipal Model WHO

In an era of Climate science denial, effectively balancing what is objectively true about the world with what people want to be true about the world is increasingly difficult. With a view of encouraging informed debates and discussions, Manipal-FAIMER International Institute for Leadership in Inter-professional Education (M-FIILIPE) organised the first … Continue Reading

WGSHA Annual Day 2018

Everyone at Fortune Inn Valley View on the fifth of February was fortunate indeed, as the evening sky painted with streaks of bright lights and the beats playing in the background promised exciting things in store.

The 32nd Annual Awards Celebration of the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, … Continue Reading

What The Wild Things Are

Insects are everywhere. They are by far the most common animals on our planet. Manipal, a suburb on the hinterland of coastal Karnataka provides a very conducive habitat for insects of different kinds. It is close to the sea, has plunging valleys, a lot of rainfall and more than adequate Continue Reading


Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is a profound piece of music. It makes you sit back, pensive, to ponder life. It brings to the surface regrets you never knew you had, long-forgotten moments of fleeting happiness, and sadness you’ve refused to acknowledge. The music, ebbing and flowing, seems to flood over your … Continue Reading

BrandScan 2017

In this age of increasing consumerism and competition, any insight into the minds of the masses is immensely invaluable. And we all know that the masses are ever-hungry for some entertainment and fun. Put these two facts together, and you will arrive at the rationale behind BrandScan 2017.

BrandScan, an … Continue Reading

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