Conscendo 2019

February 14th, 2019

The Department of Commerce was the hub of excitement, on the morning of February 14 – with the commencement of the 8th edition of Conscendo.

Conscendo which means ‘to embark’ was a management fest organized by the Department of Commerce. It intended to expose the students to the integrity of the corporate world.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Sandeep Shenoy, the head of the department. Akash, the main  co-ordinator of the event had this to say:

What we do in a management fest is, we recreate the whole corporate scenario in the campus. We learn from our mistakes.

The participants- who were from prominent colleges across the country, competed over six categories.  It was a conjuncture of finance, logistics, public relations, human resource, and marketing.

Best Manager, the flagship event, is a combination of the other five categories. The participants were placed under stressful situations and evaluated on their ability to handle the position.

The case studies were taken from the partners and sponsors of the event. Few companies came forward to present their sample cases. The rounds were then based on these studies. This arrangement proves beneficial to both the participants and the corporate. As the former could get a better understanding of the marketing world and the latter could get various solutions.

The events were intense and nerve-racking.

“It puts you out of your comfort zone.  The type of cases they give and the environment stress you out. So, you need to stay calm and analyze the situation. That changed my perspective on management”


February 15th, 2019

The MIT library auditorium bustled with zest and anticipation on the second day of Conscendo. The cultural were to unwind after the rigorous events on the previous day. A silent tribute to the martyred soldiers of Kashmir marked the beginning of the evening.  The finalists of Best manager engaged the crowd with their spontaneity and involvement.


 “The biggest achievement is when you walk off the stage learning something new”

said one of the judges. Doubtlessly both the audience and the participants learned valuable tips and tricks of the corporate world.

The mesmerizing musical performance by the band swayed the audience into singing along.  The dance group of Mr. Prashanth Kairali added to the excitement in the room.

Shubhang Yadav, an aspiring stand-up comedian from MIT, further elevated the decibel level in the auditorium.

The event ended with the prize distribution, to credit the participants’ hard work in the previous day.

All in all, the evening was an amalgam of ardour and merriment.


Images : Barun, Pramod Vikram.

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