MET 2021– What To Do Next

Congratulations! The toughest battle has been won. All the hardwork of two (or more) years at coaching institutes, those countless concepts of Physics, and those reactions of Chemistry, it has now come to a fruitful conclusion. All that’s remaining is one last step- selecting the right college. This is a crucial and tough decision, and it’s time for you to decide where you want to spend the next four years of your life.

At this crossroad, there are two scenarios:

-> You are sure about MIT and are wondering how to go about the counselling and hostel booking.

-> You are still wondering whether MIT is the right choice for you.

Whichever phase you are in, worry not. This article is aimed at solving all your doubts once and for all.

Here at Manipal University, you can take up a B. Tech course in any of the 3 engineering campuses – Manipal, Jaipur or Sikkim. For now, we will focus on whether or not you should keep MIT under contention.

Why Manipal?

Why choose Manipal? Besides the vast pool of opportunities and facilities for extracurricular activities ensuring all-around development, MIT boasts of an expansive campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure and breathtaking scenery. Read our article on What Is Manipal? to know the place better.

How are the Hostels?

While it may seem daunting to live apart from family, so far away from the comforts of your home, MIT ensures all required functionalities are met with. Find out more about the living conditions in the MIT hostels for Boys & Girls.

How are the academics? What branch should you take?

In simple words, whichever interests you. All the streams present at MIT have experienced faculty who teach students well beyond the bookish knowledge. If you aren’t sure which branch is best for you, go through our Know Your Engineering article.

Here is an illustration of what branch you may be eligible for based on your MET rank.

Disclaimer: The following table is primarily for reference based on previous years’ cutoffs.

(branch and cutoffs table for all 3 years)

And what about extracurriculars?

Technical clubs, Cultural clubs, Sports clubs, Gaming Clubs? MIT has it all. (Even a Manga club for that matter). There’s bound to be a club for any interest you may have – programming, literature, sports, dramatics, dance or anything at all. Besides this, we have a couple of really cool student projects as well.

Read: The Technical Clubs of MIT, The Non-Technical Clubs of MIT & The Student Projects in MIT


MET Counselling and Seat Allocation 

The MET 2021 counselling will be conducted in online mode. There will be six rounds of counselling, followed by the Spot Round and Intra-Institute Siding. The following steps explain the counselling and seat allotment process:

Step 1: Registration- The eligible and shortlisted candidates must first register for the MET counselling procedure on the official website.

Step 2: Online Choice Filling/ Modification- After registration, the candidates must log into the candidate portal (using their Application Number and OTBS password). Here, the candidates can select different courses and campuses in the priority order of their preference, followed by the uploading of required documents.

Step 3: Seat Allotment- Following the choice filling, the authorities will release the seat allotment. After the release of seat allotment results for each round of counselling, a new list of cutoffs will be announced subsequently for each branch and campus. The candidates can modify their choices after the seat allotment is announced in each round. 

Spot Round:

The Spot Round of counselling will take place after all six rounds of counselling have concluded. This round of counselling is only for the vacant seats remaining after all the previous rounds. 

Intra-Institute Sliding:  

  • The intra-institute sliding will be conducted in the respective institutes, this is only applicable for those candidates who have joined the institute and have started attending the classes. (After all the rounds of counselling)
  • In Intra-institute sliding, the up-gradation is possible only within the institute and there is NO possibility of movement across the campuses.  
  • Candidates admitted under Spot Admission are not eligible to participate under Intra Institute Sliding.  The seat will be allotted to the candidates as per MET 2021 rank, vacancy and choice.


For more information about counselling schedule, payment etc. visit

For information on scholarships, visit

For further queries, join our Facebook & telegram groups and interact with seniors in real-time! :

Here’s hoping you make the best plausible decision for your future, good luck!


Written by MTTN Crew

Updated by Anika Shukla and Shirley Asangi for MTTN

Featured Image by College Fair

Information sourced from Manipal Institute of Technology’s Official Circulars, 2020



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