Hues 12: Day 5

Painting: The room buzzed the excitement as students entered the Oral Pathology Dept. armed with their paintbrushes and palettes alongside an assortment of colors. In just 90 minutes, each student was tasked with painting on a topic of their choice with water or water-based colors.

The initial buzz slowly died down as each individual frowned with concentration, meticulously mixing colors, some painting within the lines while others chose freehand. As time wore on each canvas came alive with scenes of woods filled with lush green trees and wild animals, inky blue skies, faces that stared back at you with eyes bright with the light of a thousand suns. Abhay Paul, an intern at MCODS and also a participant cleverly used pieces of silver foil that added an added layer of finesse to his final artwork. Each painting had a charm of its own, it’s own story to tell, leaving the judges Mr. Srinath and Mrs. Pavana Acharya with the difficult task of selecting winners.



Creative Jam: Students were seen marching into LH 3 with an odd variety of objects, eager for the creative jam to begin. Participants of the event had a time slot if 5 minutes to create a symphony of sounds from various objects. Slot 1 and 2 were teams of interns who used a  suitcase, steel utensils, glass bottles, wooden sticks, shoe boxes,  binder books, brooms, and even dustbins were used spoons. Objects that are commonly seen in dentistry such as casts and articulators definitely scored them brownie points.

But the first place was bagged by the second years who used buckets, mugs, dental flasks, egg containers, containers filled with water, metal box, shirt hangars, metal flask, plastic bottles. The judges, Dr.Chetna from Dept. of Oral Pathology and Dr. Balram, an alumnus, were thoroughly impressed and entertained by the ingenuity displayed by the students of MCODS.

Wax Carving: Wax carving comes second nature to dental students and this year saw a surge of participants in the wax carving event. Students armed with nothing but a lecron carver and a wax block bobbed their heads to music as they expertly produced various articles with bold and precise strokes.

Each participant was given 60 minutes to carve a figure of their choice out of wax.  Each participant shaped their wax block to a rough shape within minutes and then spent their time carving and shaping the wax to form human figures, lamps, leaves, vehicles, pieces of furniture, casting rings to name a few. The first place winner, Madhav Rai Batra, a student from second-year carved a skull. Dr. Nisha and Dr. Spoorti both from the Department of Oral Pathology felt that although the talent this year was less as compared to last year the number of participants has increased.

Instrumental event: The instrumental event of Hues saw the participants showing off their musical skills. Judged by Subrayya sir and Rashmi ma’am, the students portrayed a variety of instruments, including the tabla, the Congo, and the guitar. Drawing inspiration from the film Andhadhun, Divyansh played the piano blindfolded, much to the admiration and applause of the audience.

Installation: Installation was the last event of the day taking place in CBS, however, it wasn’t met with any less of excited participants. The participants were present in groups of three from each batch. They were given a total of two hours to construct a three-dimensional model on any topic of their choice. People constructed trees that hung exotic animals and birds to an underwater themed installation that showcases first and corals made from the tin foil. The judges for the event were Dean ma’am, Dr.Keerthilatha M. Pai and Dr. Kishore from the department of dental materials. They sure had a difficult time to choose the winner from the sea of creative and amazing installations created by the teams.

Written by- Vinay R, Andrea X.G, Nitya Sai T.

Photographs by- Sonakshi, Semanti, 


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