Hues 12: Day 6


The halls of CBS never looked as colourful as they did during the rangoli event. Every colour and shade graced the halls as the students created designs and scenes heavily influenced by the Indian culture. Participants had 60 minutes to create a rangoli design using freehand in a 4 by 4 (foot) square without using rice grains or salt. Dr. Chetna from the Dept. of Oral Pathology and Dr. Vineetha from KMC found themselves facing a dilemma as they judged the beautiful pieces.

Live Cooking

Teams of 3 and 4 gathered outside the Dental Materials Department, their arms filled with ingredients and utensils. It was time for Live cooking to begin. Participants had to submit a recipe in English to the jury. No prepped items were allowed such as sliced or peeled fruits and vegetables. Dished had to be vegetarian and ready-made or precooked food items were strictly prohibited. Each team had 90 minutes to cook and present their dishes at a clean work station. Participants cleverly used ingredients like chocolate fudge and cookie dough to satisfy the sweet-tooth of the judges. One participant had presented her dish of fruit salad in a boat carved out of pineapple surrounded by crushed sand resembling sand making her station look like a stranded ship. The last 10 minutes saw teams rushing about adding the finishing touches to their edible masterpieces and cleaning up their work stations. Judges, Dr. Kalyan from Dept. of Public Health Dentistry and Chef Nitesh spent about 30 minutes savouring the dishes prepared by the students of MCODS. Their criteria for judgement consisted of innovation, taste and cleanliness.

Channel Surfing

Channel Surfing was an event that was introduced for the first time this year, by the final years of MCODS. Rishi , from final year, spoke to the participants narrating how this was something they did at school. This event involved a team consisting of a maximum of 6 participants, who were to act out a channel/ scenario given by the emcee. The participants were allowed to speak in any language, including gibberish, and had a time limit of three and a half minutes. As time progressed, the difficulty level increased. This event was one of the most amusing events to witness and even take part in. This event was judged by Dr. Srikanth and Dr. Sridhar, who awarded the first place to final years. One could only hope that this event becomes a permanent fixture in Hues.

Quiz finals

The much awaited quiz finals were held in the afternoon, with six teams from the prelims qualifying. The final quiz involved 8 rounds, making it a long and arduous journey to become the winner. Rules of each round were informed before it began, some rounds did have negative marking making the job to score points all the more difficult. The quiz eventually ended a few hours later, with the winners being Dr.Karthik and team. 


Mad Ads started the final sequence of events for the last day of Hues. It began at 5 pm in the amphitheatre with seven participating teams. Each team was informed twenty-four hours in prior about an object they had to advertise. Objects such as hair dryer, whiteboard, dictionary and many more were allotted to the teams who were supposed to come up with a creative way to sell these products. Each team put on an amazing performance, that was met with thundering applause. The judges for the event were Dr.Arun and Dr.Kalyan from MCODS. They deliberated and announced Chhavi and team (TIPS) as the winner, for creatively selling a knife.

Duet Singing

Duet singing was one of the last cultural events taking place in the amphitheatre. It began at 5:45 pm, with a total participation of 13 teams. The event was judged by Dr.Subraya Bhatt and Dr. Rashmi Nayak. The duos crooned both English and Hindi songs, much to the delight of the students and faculty. Songs like Bolna, Skinny love, Dusk till dawn were songs which were met with thunderous applause from the enthusiastic crowd. The event even saw a special performance by Dr.Kariappa and team, as they sang and played the guitar much to the delight of the crowd. The winners of this event were Janani and Naznin. from TIPS as well as Ishani and Nicy from third year.

Fashion show

Fashion show is always the most awaited event of a fest and it was nothing different for Hues. The glamour and glitz dazzled the audience. The themes ranged from Greek-inspired fashion put up by the first years to the portrayal of the Solar system by TIPS. No stones were left unturned as each team walked the ramp with confidence in their eyes and the desire to win in their soul. The first place was bagged by TIPS, followed by 3rd years in second place with the theme Hues and 2nd years in third place with the theme Zodiac Signs.

Hues finally came to an end with the second runners up trophy going to the third year, runners up trophy going to the final years and the winner’s trophy was bagged by TIPS.

Written by-

Nitya and Andrea

Photographed by-

Allan, Sanket, Sonakshi

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