IQMU 2019: Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3:
Wild Card Round 1:

With 2 spots remaining in the finals, the teams sacrificed their Fridays for a chance to get back in the competition for winning IQMU and the 50,000 cash prize with it. The first round of Wildcard was in the form of a Mystery Room ENIGMA organized by Cutting Edge. The Interact Lecture Hall was fashioned into a jetliner with multiple passengers falling ill. The teams were given 20 minutes to solve the case with the help of clues they got from solving the various cases at the stations. At the end of the round, 6 teams advanced to round 2 of the wildcard round.

Wild Card Round 2:

‘Whether we watch it regularly or not, we all rely on “Jeopardy!” always being there. It’s no longer an entertainment property; it’s an institution.’ – Ken Jennings

With 6 teams in round 2 and only 2 progressing further, there was no better way to add a bit of buzz to the dreary and prolonged four day quiz than a round on the format of the beloved game show Jeopardy (if you don’t know what that is, getting out from under that rock and exploring a bit of the real world would be a good idea). The contestants had 6 categories to choose with 5 questions given from 10 to 50 points. The teams had to buzz for the answer and at a point in the game the teams’ overenthusiasm was no match for the buzzers, bringing the round to a halt. But technical snafus aside, the round was highly entertaining for both the audience and the participants and served as a little tribute from the makers of the quiz to one of the luminaries in the field of quizzing, Alex Trebek.

Gala Night:

The old adage  ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, is something all of us have heard throughout the years and after three days of quizzing, it had been a bit too much work for the teams as well as the organizers. The gala night proved to be the breath of fresh air everyone involved had been looking for. With delectable food, soft music and photographers present, the night was filled with fun, food and laughter. The biggest attraction was the chance to get clicked by the student photographers with the impressive IQMU centrepiece leading to a change in a lot of profile pictures in the subsequent days. This night of relaxation was a reset before the gruelling next day which would consist of both the semifinals and finals.

Day 4:

Quiz Semifinals:It is said that losing in the semifinals of a quiz is more heartbreaking than at any other stage and with a chance to compete for the prize money of fifty thousand rupees for the first position, the stakes for the competitors couldn’t be higher. Held in TMA Pai Hall 1 at ten in the morning, the semifinals were conducted by Dr Suneel Mundkur of the Department of Pediatrics at KMC, Manipal. Comprising of 4 rounds, the semifinals had an equal 5 online and offline teams pitted in two different groups with 4 offline and 2 online teams advancing to the semis. The rounds consisted of two infinite pounce and bounce, a visual round and a long connect round. The atmosphere in the hall was enthralling for all those present as the battle of wits continued on in the finals where the online teams would for the first time be pitted against the offline teams.

Quiz Finals:The much-anticipated final round of the Quiz competition of IQMU 2019 was held on the final day in the late hours of the afternoon. The 6 teams that qualified were KMC G1, KMC G2, MAHE (Indo-Dutch), JSS of Mysore, two online teams – VMMC of Delhi and AIIMS of Delhi. The atmosphere was tense with everyone’s best and sharpest game on. Everyone was ready to exhibit their best medical prowess as the first of the four rounds started.

The first round, aptly titled, ‘Test Match – First Innings’, a set of 10 questions were given to each team. The second part of the first round, ‘Test Match – Second Innings’, the competition was palpable and soon, the teams aced through it. The results of round one came about in ranks where KMC G1 came up at rank 1, Team 5 – VMMC came up as second, KMC G2 was third, JSS Mysore was at fourth, MAHE was at fifth and AIIMS was at sixth rank.

With this, spirits were high for the teams to make the best out of Round 2- IQMU’s ‘Block Dries’ round. With an intense round of pouncing and back-and-forth answering, the round quickly came to an eventful end. KMC G1 was in the lead, followed by VMMC. KMC G2 took the third place and close by was JSS Mysore. MAHE and AIIMS teams were tied for fifth place.

Round 3 was the crossword round where each team attempts to solve a crossword puzzle, putting their medical genius to a fun test. KMC G1 took the lead with 68 points, KMC G2 followed with 55 points, third place was held by JSS Mysore, fourth was by VMMC with 36 points, the fifth place was bagged by AIIMS and MAHE held the sixth place with 26 points.

Excitement and anxiety filled the air as the fourth and last round for the event, called IQMU Trivia, started.  Twelve tricky questions were displayed with 1 minute to answer each and hushed chatter filled the hall.

After all four rounds, there was a tie between G1 and G2 with 80 points each. The quizmaster decided to select the winners on the basis of the positions of the teams in each of the rounds of finals. As fate would have it, there was a tie there too. In the end, it was the semi final scores that played a major role in deciding the winners of the quiz. The intense neck-to-neck competition kept everyone on the edges of their seats till the final announcement of the results.

Results of IQMU 2019: The third place was won by Team VMMC, Delhi. The second place was bagged by KMC, Manipal G1. And the coveted first place was awarded to KMC, Manipal G2.

Valedictory Ceremony:

With a grand finale between the biggest names we’d been hearing all through our own miniature medical Olympics, IQMU 2019 came to an end with two teams from the host institution bagging prizes. This added all the more cheer to the celebrations of organizers who toiled day and night for the success of the event. Dr Poornima Baliga, Pro-Vice Chancellor of MAHE Health Sciences, Dr Vinod Nayak, Faculty Advisor of IQMU and Dr Sunil Mundkar, Quizmaster for the final round were the dignitaries on the dais at the valedictory ceremony. Dr Baliga gave away the prizes to the victors and congratulated the organizers for putting up such a mammoth event befitting the college’s reputation as a pioneer in creating student opportunities. Lastly, Ms Sharvari Patra gave the vote of thanks and officially called IQMU 2019 to an end.
-Written by Shrey Srivastava, Vinay Reddy and Shalom Antony
-Photographs by Vaikunt, Femida, Devansh and Bhanu

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