La Feria

Organized by the Department of Languages, La Feria was a two-day event held on 23rd and 24rth of April. It was a thrilling show of Spanish culture with a variety of events ranging from short plays to Spanish games and literature. The event was quite an enthralling success with the Carnaval as the finishing act.

‘It’s All Cursed Up in Here’ Short-Play

Performed by the MIT Languages Club, It’s All Cursed Up In Here was a play that took place at
the MIT Library Auditorium on the 23rd of April, from 6.30 pm onwards, and was a part of the
two-day fest, La Feria.

The play began with a girl having to face the heart-shattering news of her father’s alleged
demise at sea. Refusing to believe her fate, the story follows along with her as she set out to try
to find her father’s ship. Along the course of the play, we come across different Spanish legends and myths, from the Mexican folklore of the Weeping Woman, La Llorona, a vengeful spirit that wanders the waterfront areas, mourning the death of her children whom she drowned, to the ghosts of pirates that died at sea, happily dancing and partying on a ship that sails across the ocean, all while watching her slowly come to terms with reality as it is.
Attributing to the suspenseful and riveting plot along with the quality acting and engaging
characters, the production was truly enjoyable to watch till the very end. The audience seemed
to be at the edge of their seats throughout and could identify with the plight of the characters on stage. The play was the Languages Club’s first-ever, and an outstanding success.

Cinemania Film Screening

The movie screening event of La Feria took place on 24th of April 2022 at the MV seminar hall. This event was organized by students of the Department Of Languages. The movie Un chein andalol was screened. The inspiration behind this movie was 1930s surrealism. It was a 22 minute movie that gave the audience quiet a bit to think about at the end of it. The event also had an artisan corner where one could paint anything that they could think of. The event ended on a good note.
Artesania Corner Craft Station

The organizers wore beaming smiles on their faces as students from various colleges visited the stalls. On the many tables set up by them were myriad varieties of trademark Spanish style masks. A few with the ribbons arising from both ends, a few with a grey and black combination giving a mysterious feel and a few simple yet bold black ones. 

The visitors were free to choose any one of those and sport the Carnaval look for the wonderful evening that was in store. As the evening progressed footfall increased in these stalls and Spanish music was played in the background which added to the festive vibe. 

A Grand Carnaval Themed Evening
A festive carnival night was held at the student plaza of MIT on 24th April,2022.
With streets lighted up and air buzzing with great Spanish music, delicious Nachos plated alongside delicious garnishes and roses as pretty as the fancy eye masks everyone carried, it all made it a joyful and peppy experience.
Some lively dance performances were also showcased by the students, which brought a new energy to the place! It was overall a jovial, festive and an indeed memorable evening.
Written by MTTN Crew for MTTN
Edited by Anushka Das
Photography by MTTN Crew for MTTN


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