Macramake-Artefact’s Macrame Workshop

On April 1st, Artefact, the KMC Manipal art club, conducted its first event of 2022: “Macramake” – a Macrame-making workshop. The Gd lecture room of the Interact building was transformed into a lively studio filled with excited chatter, upbeat music, and colourful balls of string. Participants received careful one-on-one instructions in the craft of knotting thread into patterns, to create a keychain, wall hanging, or plant holder.

The Friday evening three-hour slot gave plenty of time for all to learn this fun new skill. Registrations happened both beforehand and on arrival, for a nominal fee of 30–50 rupees. Overall, this creative session was a great success, with everyone happily carrying home their very own macrame artwork. Be on the lookout for the next can’t-miss Artefact workshop!


Written by Namitha M for MTTN

Edited by Shivangi Acharya for MTTN

Photography by Samir Gulati for MTTN 

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