MAGNIFY: A Case Competition by The Consulting Club at Manipal

Have you ever been curious about the inner workings of the consulting industry? If you’re an active problem solver and love to put your analytical abilities to the test, The Consulting Club at Manipal brings you MAGNIFY— a national case competition open to participants country-wide, in collaboration with OnePlus Student Ambassador Program ’20 and The Strategy Story.

There are two components to succeeding as a consultant— the ability to make meaningful organisational changes from the given data, and presenting it in a workable way that can convince executives that your recommendations are sound. In India, especially, learning has often been confined to textbooks and what is taught in class. However, in the real world, it is vital that students are able to think for themselves and apply their knowledge in innovative ways to come up with solutions for the problems they face. This makes the skills learnt as a consultant essential, no matter what you choose to pursue in the future.

With MAGNIFY, contestants will be given the opportunity to work on a real-time consulting problem to hone the skill that is often the deciding factor in a consulting interview—the approach you take to arrive at a feasible and optimal solution. The event is a one of its kind chance to refine your strategic skills and work towards a final deliverable of professional quality. By the end of the competition, you will have developed an expansive skillset of research, strategy planning, analysis, and professional client communication.

The Consulting Club at Manipal was established with the goal of helping graduates transition professionally into the challenging landscape of consulting through exposure to case-solving practices, pro-bono consulting projects, as well as alumni talks and workshops. The spirit of MAGNIFY is based on this vision, with the ultimate goal being developing problem-solving techniques and analytical skills that can be applied to real-world cases.

The event is powered by the OnePlus Student Ambassador Program 2020, which embodies this purpose by providing 25 undergraduate students with the opportunity to intern with OnePlus. Over the course of six months, the selected ambassadors are groomed to serve as community specialists and brand evangelists in their respective institutions, learning effective communication and the skills to navigate a professional setting in the process. MAGINFY’s knowledge partner, The Strategy Story, brings you the best analyses from highly complex business strategies presented in a short and interesting format with personal anecdotes, demystifying the way organisations run and succeed.

Participants may register individually or in teams of two, with both candidates currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree. The competition will comprise of two rounds. The shortlisted candidates from the first round of the competition will be entered into the second round, where they will be given a chance to present their solutions to a panel of industry experts comprising ex-McKinsey consultants. The top three winners will receive prizes and certificates worth up to Rs. 15,000 from the OnePlus. All participants will receive a digital certificate of participation.

There is no prior experience required to be a part of MAGNIFY. An eager analytical mind is a sole prerequisite. The information regarding the case and the final deliverable will be detailed in the first round of the competition, beginning on the 27th of September. Participants must register for the event on the Dare2Compete website before 11:59 pm on the 26th of September.

Written by Pahal Duggal for MTTN

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