Setup Personal LAN In Hostel With ION

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Why you need to do it:

  1. You have a single ION connection which will run only on a single device otherwise.
  2. You use a software like Connectify for this purpose, which means your laptop needs to be on all the time.
  3. Connectivity in your room is bad at a particular place and good at another place.
  4. You got excited and went for the 5 Mbps connection.
  5. You have some extra cash.
  6. You want to use UPNP/DLNA services on your devices.
  7. Your friend and you both want to use your connection.
  8. You come to your room and want your WiFi ready. The feeling of home!
  9. You want to play games over LAN with your friends.
  10. Because you can.


Things you will need:

  1. A D-Link DIR-505 Mobile Companion or a similar device.
  2. A working ION connection.
  3. A laptop/smartphone.


How to set it up:

If you have already been using this device, reset it first and follow the instructions!

  1. Plug in the router on the ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot‘ mode.KGP_7288 copy
  2. Wait for it to load up. In this case, the light will turn Yellow.
  3. Now that your device is ready, look up the SSID in the WiFi settings of your mobile device. I will be using my Android phone for this tutorial, and will be doing a ‘WPS Push Button Setup’.
  4. Go to WiFi Settings. Select ‘Advanced’ from the options.Screenshot_20160224-151853
  5. Select ‘WPS Push Button’ setup. This option can be somewhere else also, depending on what device you are using. If this still does not work out, the default credentials for the DIR505 will be at the bottom of it.Screenshot_20160224-151903
    • Press the WPS Button on the DIR505.KGP_7289 copy
    • Connected!Screenshot_20160224-151919
  6. Now, make sure your mobile data is off since the IP address you will be entering into your browser can clash with your connection. As soon as you connect to this new SSID, your phone might give you a notification to login into this new connection. If it did, click on the notification and continue with the next step. If it did not, however, open a mobile browser and input either http://dlinkrouter/ or into your address bar.
    This kind of a notification.
    This kind of a notification.

    Or do this instead.
    Or do this
  7. A setup wizard window will open. Click NEXT.

  8. The router will now scan for available wireless networks. Wait for a bit.

  9. Select the ION connection with the best signal. In my case, I get the maximum signal of 13% in my room and that too in my washroom. Somehow, it works well for me. CONNECT! 😀

    Select your poison
  10. Give your LAN a name and a password. Click Next and save the information!

    Spongebob <3
  11. Wait for the router to reboot.

  12. Once it reboots, you are more or less done. Try connecting any of your devices to your new LAN and login into ION from any device. All of them will have internet simultaneously.
    Now you can go back to the router’s interface and play with the features this router provides like cloning some other device’s MAC address, etc. You can even do a ‘Site Survey’ to check if there is a better channel for ION near you.

    Stupid ION. :P
    Stupid ION. 😛

    You can even clone the MAC Address
    You can even clone the MAC Address 😮

It is a pretty easy task, I know. If you have any doubts, go ahead and ask me. 🙂

About the D-LINK DIR505

  • Complying with the IEEE 802.11 b/g, compatible with IEEE 802.11n products
  • Up to 150 Mbps data rate
  • Support Router/Access Point, Repeater and Wi-Fi HotSpot operation modes
  • 1 x Fast Ethernet port
  • 1 USB for media sharing
  • WPS button design for easy & secure setup
  • D-Link One-Touch AP configuration
  • SharePort™ Mobile (only support in Router and Wi-Fi HotSpot modes) and Quick Router Setup Mobile iOS APP support (only support for Router mode)
  • SharePort™ Web Access (only support in Router and Wi-Fi HotSpot modes)

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–Kashish Grover

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