Article 19


Every fest has its own feel, a unique approach that makes visiting worthwhile. Some pick us right out of the daily slog, and place us in a world of wonders, for however short a time. Some never let up, a frenzy of activities that proceed at a breakneck pace, leaving us with a blend of memories to be cherished. Article 19 was all that, and more.

Impromptu dances broke out as the speakers rumbled with songs impossible to ignore. The audience clapped and cheered people onto and off the stage. All stood or sat in rapt attention, engrossed in the events transpiring before them, before breaking into a cascade of applause. The image of the perfect family function that movies have fed us through the nineties and noughties could be seen among the f;est-goers. A family by choice perhaps, but no less enthusiastic because of it.

The first day hosted a variety of events, including:

Instrumental Music:
Down the ages, humans have felt emotions that ‘cannot be expressed in words’. The contestants participating in Instrumental Music strove to convey these emotions and did so with utmost panache. The evening was certainly a delightful one, filled with harmonies from myriad instruments.
The event was judged by Mr. Vinayasa Hegde.
The winner of the event was Anusha who played the keyboard with great finesse.

day 1

Make your Move: Dance competition
This is the event where the contestants showcased their flair, step by step, move by move. In seven solo and five group performances, they owned the stage, enthralling the audience throughout. The event began at 6:30 pm at the SOC lawn and was judged by Dr. Harshit, Event Manager and Choreographer. ‘Make you Move’ perfectly wrapped up Day 1 of Article 19. The winners were:
Solo performance : John
Group performance : Blitzkrieg

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The only event of the second night was Mono­Acting, showcasing one-­man acts that held the audience captive with their brilliance. Whether it be tackling the social issues of the day through the eyes of a brother unable to do his duty toward his sister, or delivering a soliloquy from Macbeth laced with hidden pain and guilt in every syllable, the acts were outstanding without exception.

Winners: To Be Announced.

day 2 cfc

The final part of the night was given over to recognizing those who had achieved success in the events of the past days of Article 19, in the form of Express Awards, awarded by the hands of the eminent guests, which included Mr. Prahlad Kakkar and Dr. Nandini Lakshmikantha (Director, SOC.) Interspersed with the awards were performances by the students of SOC, and even a showing of the Express Award winning short film, ­ “The Plan”- all punctuated with wild applause.

The third and last day of this vibrant fest saw no dearth of zeal in the students- participants and organisers alike.


The participants embarked upon a challenging quest to figure out the murdered based on available clues. Overworking those grey cells and tapping upon their detective skills, the winners were as follows:

First prize: Melissa Pinto, Gremsy, Sequeira (St. Agnes)

Second: Anish Ghatak, Arjith  S. Kumar (Garden City)

Third: Keerthana U., Dhinsha Goswami (Garden City)

Fun fair:

An evening full of colour, music and a lot of ‘POP” was the spectacular end to Article 19. Two weeks of teamwork came into fruition as the School of Communication campus was lit up with hundreds of handmade lanterns and lights, interspersed with streamers and pop art. The theme for the Fun Fair was pop culture with paintings of everyone’s favourite cartoon characters, movie stars and superheroes covering the walls and even the dance floor. From one of the Gru’s Minions to DC comics’ Flash, the guests were decked up as their favourite pop icons. As the crowd filled the dance floor and the beats of EDM reverberated all around, the atmosphere was electric. When the bright lights dimmed and the peppy music faded away, it was a night to remember.

The nigh rustic architecture of the MIC building, ensconcing the lawn festooned with glowing shades of light, played host to the evening events. Small touches, such as keeping the stage clear of all the gaudy trinkets that litter their counterparts elsewhere, or crooning into the mic to test it, rather than the harsh litany of ‘Testing One Two Three’ gave Article 19 its decidedly singular feel.

The closest way to put it, is that it was reminiscent of an intimate family function, rather than an officious fest.

day 2



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