Sportzquake 2017

From 18th to 22nd of March, 2017, the varied fields of Manipal played host to the charity games of Sportzquake. Organized by the Social Welfare Committee of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Sportzquake channeled the surging adrenaline of athletic endeavors into the best of causes. This year, the events showcased included diverse sports ranging from cricket to table-tennis.



With great zest and incredible hand-eye coordination, Sportzquake conducted the Gentlemen’s game. Held at Sharada Court, 18th March onwards, the game was tweaked to make the tournament more interesting. For example, getting the ball to the boundary on the bounce was considered a four and one which directly crossed the ropes resulted in the loss of a wicket.

There were a series of exhibition matches played between the several committees within the KMC student council; Editorial Board and Sports Committee exhibited their superiority in the sport.The semi-finals fixtures were as follows:

Department teams

Semi-Finalists 1 : Anatomy vs Anaesthesiology

Semi-Finalists 2 : Community Medicine vs Virology

Non-department teams

Semi-Finalists 1: Team Harshit vs Team Harish

Semi-Finalists 2: Team Poojitha vs Bulls

The Anatomy Department led by Dr Anthony D’Souza raced to victory in the finals after beating the Department of Virology.

In the main tournament, Team Harish beat Team Bulls (which comprised personalities such as Dr Vinod Nayak, the HoD of Forensics, Dr Navin Patil of Pharmacology and Rahul Kotian) to emerge as overall champions.


Sportzquake Basketball ended on the 22nd of March with a spectacular final between Sampath’s team and Nagaraj’s team. The spectators bolstered the players’ enthusiasm and agility through the humid evening. Nagaprasad’s team dominated the evening, dribbling their way to a stunning victory. 


Semifinal 1: Nagaraj’s Team vs Mangalore Basketball Club

Semifinal 2: Sampath’s Team vs Jason’s Team

Final: Nagaraj’s Team vs Sampath’s Team


Five days of intense football matches were held at the Sharada courts. This year the social welfare committee saw a whopping 56 teams registering for the same. The participants included departmental (surgery, orthopaedics, pharmacology, etc.) and non-departmental (students and localites) members.

The winners were Dr. Arshad, Precious and Tony of Kasturba Medical College.

Aditya KP,  Aditya Satyamoorthy and Akash Patil emerged the runners-up.


One of the most enjoyed events in Sportzquake was Throwball. Played in teams of two, the Sportzquake version was a fun take on the classic sport. The rules of the game were simple:

  • Service should be done from behind the end line within 5 sec. of the whistle, overhead throws only.
  • Single hand overhead throws only (within 3 sec. during a volley)
  • Jumping is allowed only while throwing
  • Body touch, double touch, change of hands not allowed.

The matches were held in 2 sets of 15 points each, with a 7 point rally held in case of a draw. After a nail biting finale, the winners were as follows:

1st Place: Mohan Nayak and Deepak Pai

2nd Place: Sankalpa AJ and Akshay MJ


Sportzquake Badminton drew a fairly large crowd to the MIT badminton courts from 19th to 22nd March. The matches attracted students and staff members alike from virtually all colleges of Manipal and were held from 4:00- 11:00pm. Each team consisted of two players. Matches consisted of 3 sets with 11 points per set. For each girl in a team, the respective team gained two extra points which could be distributed among different sets as per the wishes of the team members.

The 1st semi-final match between Vimlesh/Govardhan and Karun/ Kushagra rooted the onlookers to the spot.

The 2nd semi-finals between Vedith/ Venkatesh and Mithun/ Sudeep, just like the first, was a sight to behold.

And then came the well awaited finals between Vimlesh/ Govardhan and Vedith/ Venkatesh. A closely contested first set went to Vimlesh/ Govardhan who eventually went on to win the match and the trophy too.



With two players to a team, table-tennis enthusiasts from far and wide gathered on the 19th of March to test their mettle against each other. The matches were intense and hard knocks abounded, however, just like the springy ball, there were quite a few bounce backs to be managed as well. The blazing competition ranged through the day, and the ultimate champions achieved their victory on the very same day. The dexterous duos that bagged the titles were,

1st Place: Hariprasad V S (Srinivas Institute of Technology) and Bernard D’Souza (Milagers College)

2nd Place: Siddharth Mitra (MIT) and Suryadipta Das (MIT)


Finally, mention must be made of the Social Welfare Committee of KMC Manipal which managed to conduct the entire tournament so successfully and gathered people together for a social cause.


Reporters: Rohan Basak, Shraddha Murali, Anirudh Gupta, Reetobaan Datta, Poojitha S.

Compiled and Edited by Vivek Mahapatra. 

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