Tribute to the Oldies: Placement Edition

“CONGRATS to the 5 xyz company selects and expecting them to distribute sweets in their respective departments, for their success and take the blessings of all their faculty (teaching & non-teaching) who have helped them, achieve their dreams. MIT and MU wishes you all the very best for your bright future.” 

The iconic post of Dr. Giridhar Kini that every placement hopeful in MIT yearns to see. One wishes to be tagged with a #BhaiKiPlacement but amidst all the celebrations and disappointments, it finally does strike you. Doesn’t it?

It’s finally time you bid adieu to your home away from home. With the farewell of all 4th years so close, it’s a surreal feeling that you get. You never thought that it was going to get over but as it comes so close to completion, all those memories flow back to you. The intense internal struggle of deciding between sleep and class, the late night gossips at some poor dude’s room who is trying to sleep, the constant complaining about the mess and last but not the least, thinking about the future that would be.

And finally the future has caught up.

You are exactly where your actions have got you. The road was difficult. It was amazing at times. Even during the difficulties, a small part of you knew that one day this fairy tale would end. Even during the darkest of your hours, you knew you would look back at these moments and not regret a single bit of it. And now it’s time, the golden era ends.

You are going to walk out of these 4 walls of MIT. And you are not the naïve first year who didn’t know how to wash his clothes. You’re all grown up now. You are the proverbial factory of intellect. College was always about growth, and you grew in every sphere. And now the way you chose to grow presents the finished product to the real world. And the real test begins now, doesn’t it?

You still have regrets. You still have those little things you wanted to do but you think it’s too late now. Well, let this be a Red Letter Day for all you future graduates. It’s never too late.

They say there is a time and place for everything. It’s called college.


Always wanted to know what lies ahead of the 19th block jungle? Where end point really ends? That cute KMC chick who smiled at you? Who fed you all 4 years? Never talked to the anna who cleaned your room? To what extent you can mess with the campus patrol?

Well, I don’t think you have much time left.   

Why not do it now?

Manipal has taught you that don’t add days to your life but add life to your days.


All the best to all the 4th years who are moving on to the biggest challenge out there, real life. And although clichéd, remember: You can take the MITian out of MIT but never the MIT out of an MITian.

P.S: And now that there’s just a couple of months left, try not to lose the last umbrella you have.

Rishabh Archi Singh for MTTN

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