Wok This Way

At the felicitous overlap of Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year, the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration organised a Pan-Asian food fest entitled ‘Wok This Way’. While the Oriental menu and music reflected the events Pan-Asiatic roots, the sweet perfume and exquisite décor clearly symbolised that love was in the air.

Chef Ratish and Chef Dhiraj explained how rare, exciting and exotic a Pan Asian food fest is, “Everything ingredient is rare and imported and every technique is elaborate and heavily practised.”

A stimulating amuse-bouche consisted of the perennial favourite, wanton soup with a side of salad, and sesame fried tofu, the white and black contrast symbolized Ying and Yang. Vegetarians were then treated to spring rolls, wrapped in a vitreous rice paper.

Dak Bulgogi, a Korean chicken barbeque dish and Japanese prawn tempura rolls were non-vegetarian favourites. The vegetarian main course was a classic Korean rice dish while Khow Suey, a Burmese dish consisting of handmade egg noodles and a heavenly coconut milk broth was the non-vegetarian treat.

Next, with a gorgeous negative plating came a divine Crème Brule infused with galangal and lemongrass crafted under the guidance of chef Anthuvan.

The skill and enthusiasm of everyone involved was apparent at every turn of the night, their combined excellence coalescing into an occasion of special magnificence.

The evening signed off with a sweet cup of tea and a fortune cookie, and as our cookie perfectly read, ‘It is a good day to have a good day.’

Written by: Ashutosh Sinha

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