do you remember the havoc

of our hushed conversations

held on the rooftops

of the sand castles we built,

with these hands we use

to hurt one another?

do you remember the sky

turning lilac as

the summer sun set

on the very worst of you,

the very worst of us?

do you remember the moon

bolstering itself to the blues

to prepare for the storm

you bring with you,

every time you enter this home?

do you remember

the sound of each teardrop

filling the sea of sadness

only you could create,

only you could fix?

do you remember the ease

of our rare laughter

as the white of the sand,

enveloped our feet?

do you remember the sky

turning azure

to breathe relief at the sight

of your fists, unfurling?

do you remember the moon

unhooking itself from the night sky

to signal the ceasefire,

to this war no one wins?

do you remember the sound,

of each raindrop our mother watched

wet the window

as she asked herself,

who was the monster she made?

– Natasha Kumar for MTTN

– Photography by Aryaman K.D

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