Come To Grief

You sit there huddled in a corner, silent tears rolling down your cheeks as yet another fight breaks out. I see your pupils dilated with fear, I hear your heart racing. You watch them helplessly and I watch you. Something holds me back from approaching you. You wipe your tears … Continue Reading

WandaVision: A Montage of Grief and Healing

Content Warning: Mentions of War Trauma, PTSD, Depression

WandaVision follows Wanda Maximoff (played by Elisabeth Olsen) or the Scarlet Witch after the epic battle of Avengers: Endgame. First aired on 15 January 2021, it’s a journey of loss, grief, healing, and self-realisation journey. Wanda Maximoff has been repeatedly claimed as Continue Reading

Five Stages, One Loss

~ denial

Seven days, and it still seems so unreal

How could you be gone?

I’ve relived the moment I found out over and over again,

Yet nothing makes sense.

I’ve tried piecing it all together,

And I know you’re in a better place now.

But you can’t be gone.… Continue Reading

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