Cocoa Through The Years

Everyone loves chocolate. There’s no denying it. Even people who like vanilla ice cream eat it with chocolate sauce. There’s no getting away from this universal love language. From the melt in your mouth Lindor chocolate spheres by Lindt, all the way down to the coin worth eclairs, there’s something Continue Reading

The Tibetan Phantoms

About 49 years ago, on the cold and rather scary night of November 14, 1971, in Chittagong, East Pakistan (or present-day Bangladesh), a sentry stood guarding the post of the Pakistan Special Service near his camp. At one moment, he believed he saw a “ghost” like figure lurking in the Continue Reading

Check (It Out) Mate!

The history of chess is long, complicated and, above all, is constantly contested. I do not wish for you to get lost in this labyrinth and be mystified by some lonely puzzle or worse— get struck down by a crazy axe-wielding, chess-loving scientist in Antarctica which, weird as it sounds, Continue Reading

History of Dissent: Middle East and Asia

On hearing the word ‘dissent’, Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March against British taxations, or Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech echoing through Washington D.C for racial equality sprouts from the back of our minds. They have always been considered significant because they peacefully rejected the status quo for Continue Reading

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