Reflections on the Window of an Imaginary City—Day Nineteen of NaPoWriMo 2022

On a rainy sundown of the month of September,

Feeling the gentle breeze as I look up to the firmament white

As my eyes through the window surpass the street lights

The cold zephyr unveiling the magnificence afar

As I watch the gladiators battle and spar

On the lucent backs of their saddled rides While the youth cheer on from the hillsides


The view was astounding for the audience below

There was no bloodshed for the battle was welkin

The citizens below all in peace and harmony

Peace throughout, saplings in euphony

No riots, or protests but idealistic equality


The gatekeepers dancing through the clouds lightsome

Looking at the puzzle pieces fit so perfectly

Felt odd lost in my thoughts so utterly

Had to look away for a moment then,

As I sipped my last bit of coffee

The view I had to bid adieu

The world no longer seemed as new

All wayfarers no ethereal view

I was learning to enjoy this mundane hue


The skies cleared out no realm in sight

A drop of dew on the windowpane slides

Bestowing upon this orb, the night


Written by Aayush N for MTTN

Edited by Anika Shukla for MTTN

Featured Image by Vaibhav Singh for MTTN

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