The Silent Storm — Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo 2023

The curtain sways silently
A sprinkling of rain kisses my feet
The wind twists through my room
playfully ruffling my sheets

There’s a ringing in my ears,
A heaviness in my chest
As my bed lurches and groans
like a dingy in rough waters

I fix my eyes on the swaying
tree branches locked in their dance battle,
As the silent storm inside me
circles higher
and higher,
and higher,
Itching to roar out

there’s a quiet pattering
of feet on my wooden floor,
a graceful waltz up
and my bed stops shaking

His paws come to rest on my stomach,
His head lies on my chest
and scares away the heaviness,
I stroke his fur, ruffle his ears
and watch the trees dance in the rain.


Written by Kriti Gopal for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Manan Chawda for MTTN

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