Amid much enthusiasm on the occasion of World Heart Day, the Pharmacy Literacy Club (PLC) organized the first, one-of-its-kind, large-scale community outreach program ‘Miditha’ (Pulse) on September 29th, in collaboration with Tempus Pretioso, Emergency Medicine Enthusiasts’ club of KMC, Manipal; Primary Health Care Center Kemmannu; Health and Wellness Center, Gujjerbettu; Chosen Generation Charitable Trust (R.) Udupi; and Rotary Club, Kalianpur. In association with Dhanvantari College and School of Nursing Udupi, with GOD TV Kannada covering the event as the media partner.


The event commenced with a walkathon from Shree Guru Raghavendra Bajana Mandali, Gujjerbettu, to Govt. Urdu Higher Primary School. Mrs. Nisha Vasudeva, Community Health Officer (CHO), Sub-Centre Gujjerbettu, spoke about the significance of the event and receiving the blessing of the Almighty by starting from a temple, followed by Rotarian Divakar officially inaugurating the walkathon by releasing balloons and commencing the walkathon. The students of Dhanvantari College and School of Nursing joined along with banners, chanting slogans and keeping the spirit every step of the way. To mark this special event, the students wore red, supporting awareness of heart diseases.


The master of ceremony for the event, Mr. Prashanth Shetty, Senior Treatment Supervisor, TB Unit of Udupi District, conducted the official ceremony quite eloquently, setting the stage for Mrs. Nisha to welcome the distinguished dignitaries of the event. She gave a welcome speech highlighting the event’s importance and solidarity as a community in benefitting from outreach programs. She outlined the importance of CPR and thanked the various organizations and esteemed dignitaries who help free respules, nebulizers, and vitals assessments the students offered for free, among other essential services. The dignitaries were called to the dais, and flowers were given to each of them, formally welcoming them.


Each of the respected dignitaries proceeded to water a plant in a well-thought manner to connect with nature and use a more natural model to move away from the lighting of the lamps.


Rotarian Divakar, President of Rotary Club Kallianpur, spoke about providing health education to the locals and spreading awareness about various disease conditions. He outlined the importance and benefits of learning CPR for the community.


The event’s Chief Guest, Dr. Vasudev Acharya, Taluk Health Officer of Udupi, gave an informative speech detailing the various health insurance schemes the Indian Government supports, mainly Ayushman cards. He spoke about the multiple benefits of availing Ayushman Cards, describing the simplistic steps and documents to be submitted to receive the card. He stressed the importance of helping one another lead a better life and garner employment opportunities. Smt. Kusuma, President of Tonse Grama Panchayat, briefly spoke about the importance of CPR and encouraged the audience to utilize the hands-on CPR training and various other free services provided to the maximum.


The curtains were drawn at the official ceremony, with Mrs. Abigail S. Anchan, Managing Trustee, CGCT (R.), giving the vote of thanks. She passionately thanked the various dignitaries and organizations that brought the outreach program of such magnitude to reality.


Ms. Chaitra spoke about hypertension and the impact cholesterol contributes to it, detailing the different types of Omega-3-Fatty Acid food that could be consumed. She also discussed the importance of practicing yoga pranayama and briefly outlined the various stress and flight or fight responses that could be incurred in daily life. The Dhanvantari College and School of Nursing students put up a very educational and real-life skit based on the risks of smoking and drinking, leading to high chances of cardiac arrest.


Ms. Shreya Shenoy, a volunteer for PLC, educated the audience about the differences between cardiac arrest and heart attack. Afterward, she provided a step-by-step process for performing CPR, parallelly demonstrated in an albeit practical sense by Mr. Vishnu Kallepalli, the President of Tempus Pretioso.


The ASHA workers, students, and autorickshaw drivers were invited in groups, and hands-on CPR training was provided by Tempus Pretioso members assisted by PLC members who had received CPR training. Simultaneously, vital assessments such as BP and GRBS were conducted, including free lab services for people aged 30-60 years. Upon completion of the CPR training, people were awarded certificates for training completion and felicitation certificates for participating in the walkathon. Most importantly, keeping in mind the THO’s message, there were provisions for people to register for Ayushman cards, which would help the general public avail deductions in hospital bills.


Overall, the program proved to be much needed and received positive feedback from many people, from the ASHA workers and panchayat members to the autorickshaw drivers and the students who witnessed the event. The vast majority praised the hands-on CPR training initiative, enabling them to provide greater service when needed. It has created barely contained anticipation for another round of CPR training among the masses. As all the events drew to a close, everyone walked back to their homes; heads held high amid smiles, vastly educated and empowered beyond measure, all hearts beating as one to the drums of liberation: a new tomorrow of service to look forward to.


Written by Adrian for MTTN

Edited by Vaishnavi Katiyar for MTTN 

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