Symbols Of Pride

As pride month draws to a close, the insignia of this unsung war burn brighter than ever.

Artefacts imbued with great meaning have risen from the fertile earth of this decades-long struggle. Like the two sides of a coin, there are stories of terrible oppression hidden behind these rich and … Continue Reading

If Only You Knew

My childhood is a blur

Most memories faded

Yet, stamps remnants of emotions inside

Especially yours, only after death,

May it fade.


Writing about you feels silly.

For Words couldn’t possibly explain.

Impact of grand magic and simple beauty

The birth, life and death of which are at the Continue Reading

Juvenile Sensibilities

Life is but a Sisyphean task,

And I’ve almost reached the end;

Wanting to accept the inevitability of being mortal,

Yet, my mind keeps rolling back down

To times of the past, instead.


The boulder passes the point of no return;

And I’m transported back to that dreaded mid-life:Continue Reading

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