KMC Stands With NRSMCH: Candlelight March in Manipal

The news of mob violence at NRSMCH, Kolkata has shaken the entire medical fraternity. KMC is no exception. To showcase their unflinching solidarity with the institute, the OPDs remained closed on June 17th. Doctors and doctors-in-the-making donned black attire in the spirit of 'Black Monday'. From 7pm, a crowd comprising of medical students, interns, postgraduates... Continue Reading →

How Indian Authors Redefined Reading

  As long as I remember, my childhood was spent rummaging through books for fantasies beyond existence. The crisp smell of paper still lingers in me as a souvenir of the sweet memories. From learning life lessons through Aesop's fables to going on village-side adventures, from the Famous Five to bringing out the super-girl detective... Continue Reading →

In conversation with Dr Vikram Patel

Festival of Ideas is a new fest and platform which promotes expressionism and it has been introduced by The Editorial Board of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. It is a novel idea which collectively brings various liberals together, who discuss relevant and impactful issues and each interaction is supplemented by a workshop. On Day 1 of... Continue Reading →

Changing Webscapes – WebAssembly

Ever had a dialogue box pop up and ask you whether you were sure about leaving a webpage? Or had a like button light up after you click on it? If you were born a decade or two ago you would have instead been greeted by non-interactive web pages with static images, text and hyperlinks... Continue Reading →

Blast from the Past-90s paradise!

The Welcome group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, on the 12th of April 2018 hosted one of their popular, mouth-watering food fests themed, ‘BLAST FROM THE PAST -90’S PARADISE’.  “ You don’t get to experience the 90’s anymore. Be it the shows or the food. So we just wanted to bring some of the old... Continue Reading →

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