Colours of Love: Autumn

Weary of summers past and wary of the winter to come – Autumn is a gaunt, worn veteran, hunched over on public benches. He sits with pursed lips, silently mouthing the ending of every story that begins now. As the harsh, dry wind claws the leaves off the trees, the … Continue Reading

Colors Of Love – Yellow

Dear Best Friend,

I’m going to take a shot at expressing what I usually would in emojis, dad jokes, and memes in words. Keeping that old-school vibe alive, am I right?

You entered my life at the most unexpected time—my happiest accidental. When I met you, something clicked. Somehow … Continue Reading

Colours of Love: White

Many have attributed love to varied hues,

And they may have gotten their colours right.

But I only know this much to be true;

That love has surrounded me day and night.


Love is the colour of the sealed envelope

That my mother tears open with a haunting scream.… Continue Reading

A Read / Watch list for every mood

Stories are beautiful because they carry so much truth. Stories are why we love reading books and watching movies or TV Shows. Presenting to you, a carefully curated list of books, movies and shows to match any of your moods!


Wholesome, Light-hearted, Comforting – Basically a warm hug

 … Continue Reading

Experiential Learning


Some endings lead to beautiful beginnings, which is when our college life starts—snapping out of high school and leaving our homes behind. It’s scary but exhilarating, filled with excitement– a sea of emotions. Entering into a new world, out of your comfort zone gives you a frightening feeling and Continue Reading

The Corpse Of The Memory And Mind

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.





SERIAL NO.: 221234XX
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