A Legendary Night

Revels is… overrated. The sweat, the rains, the stench, the unbearably long lines; surprising people enjoy this. Hi, I am Ritika, and I’m NOT like other people. I’m main character material. It’s probably in your best interest to read my story.

13th April 2022
10:04 am
I just woke up, and I already hate this. My roommate cannot stop saying the R-word.
Care to take a guess at what it is?
Revels, the bane of my existence.
“The stalls, the flyers, the music, the line-up! I am sooo excited!”
You get the gist.
As I struggle out of bed, my stomach grumbles in protest, reminding me that I probably got food poisoning from FC1 yesterday.
My groggy eyes survey my roommate in disdain. She’s having her Shanaya moment, singing into her blow dryer, putting on makeup, fluffing her hair in delight, I ponder at her enthusiasm. Doesn’t she know life is full of pain?
A four-year engineering course, with very low job prospects, how can anyone be this happy?
Anyway, as I mentally prepare myself to deal with annoying extroverts for the next four days, my roommate says something that shall haunt me for the next few days.
“We’re going for the Proshow. I’ve booked you a ticket! Thank me later!”
I’m so going to kill her for this.

3:56 pm
As my roommate babbles on the phone to her boyfriend, the 40-degree heat of Manipal set my brain cells on fire. A little context is a must here, right?
We are currently waiting in a queue as long as the Great Wall of China for some worthless band for a chaotic night of sweat and grime. I am repulsed.
As I lose my last sense of sanity, I start my rant, complaining about my pathetic circumstances. Dehydrated, hungry, and most importantly, impatient. A person in front of me turns back, looks at me confoundedly, and laughs in my face. I glare at her, but maybe it is sheer exhaustion because soon enough we’re both laughing.
As I wait in the line for hours, with casual conversation, I can’t help but think, maybe socializing isn’t as bad.

6:32 pm

Folks, guess what your girl is doing right now?
That’s right.
Also, a quick update on my roommate. Trouble in paradise. She’s pissed now. Guess we’re on the same page.

7:58 pm

I don’t know where my roommate is, and I don’t particularly care.
I am thrusted violently into the AB-1 Quadrangle, the hotspot of the celebration. People bustle and shuffle past me, pushing me around, stepping on my toes, and I want to re-evaluate my life choices that lead me to this moment.
The weather took a complete 180. I think it might rain soon, and I absolutely love the fact that I forgot my umbrella. The loud music is making my lungs tremor, and it feels like my heart might burst out of my ribcage.
I never really liked this.
However, as I further observe my surroundings, some things strike me past my pessimism. I truly have a moment to introspect. The sheer enormity of the Quadrangle, which I had seen many times, had never felt so alive before. I notice the constant hustle and bustle of the Organizing Committee for Revels, and for the first time tonight, I feel a sense of pride and gratitude for my fellow MITians.
While I take in the grandiose of the stage, I notice the girl I met in the queue prior today. She smiles and waves at me, skipping towards her friends, and something shifts in me.
She smiled? She’s happy? She’s having fun? After standing in the queue for so long?
My eyes follow her as she talks and laughs with her friends, and maybe it is the energy of the crowd, but I get a sudden influx of courage to break out of my shell. I don’t want to miss out on this.
I stalk up to her, and with all the confidence that I can muster, I tap her on the shoulder. She turns back for the second time today and with a wide smile, pulls me into her circle.
Throughout the show, the artists keep us entertained, but I must confess that my new friends were the highlight of the show. Even though it rained, I couldn’t bring myself to leave.
I finally feel a sense of belonging.

10:04 pm
As I wring out the rainwater from my hair tonight, I realize that this was the best night of my life.


Written by Akanksha Banerjee and Khushi Nigam for MTTN

Edited by Snehal Srivastav for MTTN

Featured Image by Lalithmalhaar Gudi, Chirag Bansal and Riya Kamath for MTTN

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