Fear – Day Eleven of NaPoWriMo


What does Charon fear?

Throwing the dead

back and forth,

into the abyss

of eternal torment,

drifting over the Styx,

as the mortal fire flickers

to oblivion.


What does Charon fear?

Abandoned Souls


of things foregone,

of hopes and dreams beyond,

left in the living realm.

Phantom hands reaching out

to an illusory paradise.

Awaiting pearly gates

and Elysium.


What does Charon fear?

Rumblings of Tartarus

and the demons wading through it?

Or the monsters lurking on Earth

with mortal faces?

Deception and dishonesty

running rampant.

Gluttony and greed

in all of

mankind’s heart.


What does Charon fear?

For the goddess of Earth

weeps for her children,

and flooding the River Styx.

hoping to wash away

The sorrows on the land.

Liars, traitors, and treacherous humans

drenching her with the

blood of her kin.

Thanatos wanders the Earth

to gather

the souls succumbing

to war, disease, and disasters.

The Asphodel Fields

crammed with the perished.


What does Charon fear?

A chimerical afterlife

of perpetual sufferings?

Or the wicked beings

atop the lonely planet?

For now, he knows;

he isn’t ferrying the lost souls

to hell

but rather, away from it.


Written by Aneesha Muthuraj

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