Ruin—Day Three of NaPoWriMo 2021

“Oh, where do we begin?
The rubble or our sin?”

The temperature rises,
the clouds roars at their sins,
and they run from the hell they created,
leaving behind the rest in the rubble.

Darkness looms over their heads,
a volcano starts to find its way;
Hoping to turn everything to ash,
and feed them pumice.

The lava engulfs the city,
Mount Vesuvius screaming their name,
here, where their ashes now lie—
until the disaster freezes them in time.

So the rubble or their sin?
Pompeii needs to know,
buried in its ashes their secrets grow,
with those rubbles, we will find their sins.

They will be preserved,
in lifeless cover and plaster,
their bones memorized forever;
Left for judgment by fools like us.

Studying dead veins, memories, and pleasures
Studying lifeless jewels of time, but—

“If you close your eyes
Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?”

The lyrics used in this poem are from Pompeii – Bastille

Written by Snehal Srivastava for MTTN

Edited By Rushil Dalal for MTTN

Featured Image by Manmeet Singh for MTTN


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