Interpretation of Clouds — Day Fifteen of NaPoWriMo 2023

Leagues above the verdant hills,
Behold, a mural of vaporous form,
Their dancing shapes and fairy frills
Evoke a mystic and curious norm.

Cirrocumulus, oh so fair, like cotton hair
Casts a mesmerizing sight to see
A work of art for all near and far
A bedazzling, sunkissed tapestry.

Nimbus clouds, concealing mastery untold,
With invigorating and deafening might,
Unveil and let ethereal stories unfold
That quench the thirst of every sprite.

Oh! How loftily they float above,
Conferring with grace, an endearing love.
Each of them, like a canvas blank,
Craving hues, or shades of white and black.

The dreamer sees castles of sand,
With turrets high and walls so grand,
A place of magic, myth and lore,
A world of wonder to explore.

The philosopher seeks a deeper truth,
A cosmic order, from timeless youth,
A universe vast, with mysteries untold,
Perhaps an arcane letter, yet to unfold.

The pessimist gazes at a stormy sky,
With darkening clouds that terrify,
The optimist beholds this very sight,
And espies a silver lining so bright,
Eternal radiance, dispelling despair,
A ray of hope, for those that persevere.

Each interpretation, a reflection true,
Of the psyche and the soul anew,
The type of person, we aspire to be,
A window to our identity, a mirror of our vitality.

So, let us unfurl with open eyes,
And see the veils that bring novel surprise,
For in their nexus, we just might find,
Treasures deep within our heart and mind.


Written by Soham Sadhukhan for MTTN

Edited by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

Featured Image by AnOther Magazine

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