Magnify — A Case Competition by The Consulting Club at Manipal

The Consulting Club at Manipal is a community of aspiring individuals in Manipal who are deeply committed to enriching their acumen and enhancing their expertise in the realm of consulting. This club is a beacon of erudition, a haven for intellectual curiosity and a platform for honing one’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Through its multifaceted initiatives and immersive events, the Consulting Club fosters a culture of relentless inquiry and pragmatic ideation, where members can explore novel concepts, exchange novel insights, and tackle complex challenges. Whether it’s facilitating case-study competitions, organizing guest lectures by eminent consultants, or conducting hands-on workshops on diverse domains of consulting, this club empowers its members to leverage their latent potential and emerge as proficient consultants. Magnify is the club’s annual event that opens these opportunities to the general public and has enabled many in the years past to discover their latent adeptness in the field of consulting.


Magnify by The Consulting Club at Manipal is an amalgamation of all things business and consulting, an online consulting case study competition where students from all over the country can put their skills to the test. Students with business acumen will also get to interact with experts in the field.  Adorned with a star-studded lineup featuring keynote addresses and interactive sessions from MIT alumni who are leaders in the industry, it’s guaranteed to be a masterclass. 


What to Expect

With renowned and seasoned industry experts like Aayush N Patel, Nikhil Kumar Chirag Gaind, and Sankalp Chhabra showing up, you can expect to gain a better understanding of the world of consulting or a completely overhauled one with a new perspective. You can expect to have any and all doubts or questions answered and discussed, as these are going to be hybrid interactive sessions. 

The practical use of all these skills will also be tested with two events: 

A Case Hunt that would require participants to solve real-time problems faced by businesses in Manipal. It will be held in 2 rounds: An online consulting quiz (April 24th, 2023) round followed by an offline case-solving and presentation event (April 30th, 2023).

An Online Case Competition for students from reputed institutes across India. This will be held in 3 rounds: A quiz round, A case-solving round, with the final round being a presentation round.

Brace yourself to meet your match in these competitions and find yourself mind-melding with like-minded people against whom you can duke out problem-solving skills and quick thinking. There are no prerequisites for participating, so all interested individuals can be a part of this event.


What you can gain from it

Magnify is a melting point of all things business, with the opportunity to test out and hone your skills in real-time with real-time case-solving. In a nutshell, it’s an event for people from all backgrounds and skill levels; from someone completely new to the world of consulting looking to give it a try or a seasoned veteran with plenty of experience, it’s an open playing field with a lot to be gained and learned! 


Check out the LinkedIn profiles of the guests: 

Aayush N Patel 

Nikhil Kumar

Chirag Gaind

Sankalp Chhabra 

Click here to register for the event

Participants must register for the event on the Dare2Compete website before 6:00 pm on the 22nd of April, 2023, for the Bootcamp. The deadline to register for both competitions is 11:59 pm on the 23rd of April, 2023.


Written by Chaitanya for MTTN
Featured Image by The Consulting Club at Manipal

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