Strawberries and Cigarettes: Day Twenty of NaPoWriMo 2023


It was a pleasant, sunny day, with a fragrant breeze

Pink skies above, sun shining through the trees

I was minding my own business, left completely to chance

Till we locked eyes and I was lost in your trance.


Remember when we first met? I know that I do.

I remember every detail, how I was lost in you.

You took the lighter I had, which I’d saved for the cake

Flames were forgotten when I found my best mistake.


You wanted to run, away from the judgment and crowd

We belted over the fence, trying not to be too loud

We couldn’t go very far, we ran into the unknown

Escaping reality, as the world blew up my phone.


With you I could be myself, say whatever came to mind

Your company was a precious, unique and rare find

I’d never found someone so bad yet who felt so right

Who could play so many games yet set my heart into flight


You were an enigma, a fallen angel, my certain downfall

Yet with an adventure and your gaze I’d gladly risk it all

I fell deeper into your haze as the days went by

Candied lips and smoke rings left me on a high.


It was a dream, pure ecstasy, thrill and adrenaline;

Tripping on skies, racing to 60, where did we begin?

I drowned in your blue eyes, while sipping waterfalls

Till the day you left, and stopped answering my calls.


We’d share so much, yet next day nothing on my phone

Gone from complete and whole, to completely alone

In that moment, I wanted to run, run far away

From the games, from the chaos, give my heart a holiday


I’ll never forget the bubble you managed to wrap me in.

I was strung along in your games, until I let you win.

Sugar and smoke rings, a blend out of the blue;

Strawberries and cigarettes always taste like you.


I often miss you, i reminisce, look back in the past

I hate that you’re not here, time flew by so fast

However, I’ll love you always, and hold no regret

Even if we’re just the ashes of your cigarette.


Written by Dhriti Bharadwaj for MTTN 

Featured Artwork by Arushi Dar for MTTN 



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